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Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh, No!

 Last week, Marv asked me if I had visited the garden plot way over at the far end of the field. I had not, so he told us to be sure to go visit it before we left for the day.
To our surprise the plot is full of BIG ORANGE pumpkins. I did not have my camera or phone with me, so I had to wait to take photos.
We have received rain, rain and more rain this week.
The first opportunity I had to get out to the gardens was on Wednesday. I hurried over to the pumpkin plot to take photos. At first I did not notice anything was wrong.

Look close at this photo, you will see something is not right.

Big, beautiful, orange pumpkins.
Take a peek at the one far out, it is lighter orange.

 Oh, No!

 Something got hungry and ate this big, beautiful orange pumpkin.

 Tracks left behind...we are on the case...case solved, deer!

If you missed my post about the Deer Spray check out the following post

Remember to continue to spray your squash, pumpkins and any other produce that needs time to harvest, the deer will continue to visit your garden all year long.

My heart ached for this gardener. I sure do hope they are able to save this big pumpkin.

I will be taking next week off from blogging.
I am wishing you all a wonderful week.

Thank you for all the kind comments and support.



  1. We have winter deer feeder issues among some of our neighbors. A few is nice, a big herd is a problem year round now.......:(

  2. Oh wow what beautiful pumpkins. I hope the deer can stay away from those beauties! Have a lovely week off!

  3. The pumpkins look great. Too bad deer don't respect boundaries. I've had a rabbit eat my green bean plants this summer. Very rude.

  4. I had no idea deer at pumpkins but that makes sense. The other ones are beautiful.

  5. Wow!! Your pumpkins are huge!! That deer did to your pumpkin - what the chipmunks have done to my tomatoes!!
    Neat how you put the pumpkins on wooden slats. I guess to keep them clean and to keep the bugs from having dinner?

  6. The deer have been in the bean fields having fun. When the sugar beets get pulled...they feast on those too! Hope some of the pumpkins wil survive. Janice

  7. oh deer :) yes, it's hard to keep them away

  8. Wow - they are huge. Are they intended for human consumption or grown for Halloween?

  9. Those pumpkins are gorgeous! So sad about the deer getting to one. Have a great week off!

  10. Oh no!! So very sad. I can only imagine the disappointment of that farmer.
    Enjoy your time away :)

  11. Incredible pumpkins! It's too bad they ate them. Some of them artistically, because I did not catch it first. I guess that's the idea. ;) I tried to grow some, but it looks like it failed. I wasn't around to make sure they got fertilized, not just watering.

  12. Carla! That poor pumpkin. Despite the one pumpkin getting eaten by a hungry deer, I am impressed at how big the rest of them are. I hope the gardener is able to save the rest of those amazing looking pumpkins!

    Enjoy your week off.

  13. Those are... Those were gorgeous pumpkins. Those rascal deer! They also like McIntosh apples so much they ate the whole tree. :-((( I sure hope that pretty orange pumpkin survives. Have a nice break week.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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