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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Out and About

Hello Friends,
We enjoyed a fun week of harvesting the garden, visiting family and doing some shopping.
I will be sharing our harvest in the next couple weeks and some new ideas of how we preserved our harvest. We have a few more yummy vegetables in the garden to harvest, beets, carrots and potatoes.

We also spent time with family last week. It was good to see our family. Many of us live far away from each other, so this time together is special. 

And we went shopping or should I say thrifting?
The top photo is a bowl my  boys picked out for me. Perfect color for me, blue, my favorite and the perfect price $1.00.
A large checker board for our coffee table. It also was $1.00.
Another deal, $1.00 for this lantern. A perfect addition to our garage.
We are still trying to decide how to get it to light up at night. 
It is in the shade all day, so a solar light will not work.
Any ideas?


  1. Great finds Carla. I love them all.

  2. You found some great bargains! It sounds like you had a great week with harvesting, preserving and seeing your family!!
    Does the lantern have to be super bright? If not, maybe a battery operated candle on a timer??

  3. Great finds. Being able to spend time with family is also great. I only see my brother and sis at holidays..everyone is so busy with their own families and lives. Janice

  4. I'm a big fan of any blue bowls...that one is gorgeous.


  5. How fun to visit the thrift store. A battery powered candle on a timer might work for the lantern.
    Glad you had time to visit with family. I know you and your family treasure the memories.

  6. What a pretty bowl, so nice that you could spend time with your family too.

  7. Great finds! I agree with the others, a battery powered candle and a time sound like the way to go.


High Fives from Wisconsin!