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Monday, March 27, 2017

Ups and Downs .... Life goes on .... Joy List Monday

 Joy List Monday
a weekly ritual
a reminder to stop and pay attention to the little beauties
 and graces that make life magical 
and to set aside time for gratitude each day

It has been a week of Ups and Downs for our family this past week.
Friday was a sad day for me, I was in a funk all day. I really was struggling to shake it.

We lost our two year old cat, Catsby. He struggled with seizures his entire short life.
We loved him and he loved us. He did share his love in a big way.
We all miss him.

Our dear friend, Deb lost her dad this week. We attended the visitation and prayer service on Thursday evening. Sunday we had dinner with Deb and another friend. We enjoyed sharing stories about Deb's childhood and her memories with her dad.

Taking time to remember the little beauties of life.

The robins are back. Tweet, tweet they sing in the morning. 
It is a lovely sound to hear the birds of Spring.

 Taking time to read a good book, with a warm cup of tea.

Trying a new recipe and having all the family like it.

And ....

Ha Ha!

A great article a friend shared with me

And to celebrate the robins coming back to Northern Wisconsin, let us have a Spring Giveaway!

 5 post cards ... perfect to send a Thinking of You Spring greeting to a friend
Dark Chocolate Mints and tea ... perfect to share with a friend
Fun green napkins ... to make your table pretty while you enjoy your tea and chocolate

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment.
If you are not able to leave a comment on my blog, please e mail me, you will be entered in the giveaway. The winner will be chosen on Thursday evening and announced on Friday, March 31st On the Road Friday post.

Happy Monday, my friends!


  1. Hi Carla, My sympathy to your friend Deb in the loss of her dad and my sympathy to you and your family in the loss of Catsby. He was fortunate to have your family to give him the special care he needed. I know he loved you all and you loved him dearly. I know your hearts are broken.
    I enjoyed the link to the article very much. A great read. We are seeing many robins and woodpeckers here in our neighborhood. Our weather has been very warm and I've enjoyed reading on the porch a few afternoons.
    God bless each of you this week. Love, Mildred

  2. I'm so sorry about dear Catsby. He was a sweetie!! Your friend Deb is lucky to have friends like you during this difficult time. I've been hearing the birds a lot lately. So ready for spring and warmer temps. I've seen that article popping up on my feed. I've read it a few times now and so relate to it!! What a sweet giveaway!

  3. What a great article, Carla. Lots to ponder there. I'm sorry about Catsy. I know how much he enriched your life. . . and you his. Losing loved ones is the hardest thing in life. My heart goes out to your friend Deb. It's good that you shared a meal with her and spoke lovingly of her father. This is so important to healing. Many people don't realize that those who are grieving need to talk about the person who has passed on, need to remember and know that others remember, too. When my late husband passed, the greatest fear I had was that people would forget him. I was thinking this morning how much I love the birdsong I'm hearing once more now that spring has arrived. Hugs, sweet friend. Nancy

  4. I was sorry to hear about Catsby's death. I know you and the boys miss him.

  5. Carla, I'm so sorry about Catsby. I know you are missing him terribly and I'm sending you some warm hugs. I'm sorry also about your friend Deb's father passing. You are a true friend to make time to be with her to share happy memories of her dad.

    I read the article and found it very good read. I think my like to be a bit mediocre and i'm mostly happy to be me.Take care and enjoy the songs and antics of the robins as they built their nests and find food.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. I am so sorry about Catsby. And he was so young, that makes it even sadder. So much sorrow in a week. Your purple flowers are beautiful! Are they in your yard? Every year, I mark on the calendar the date I saw the first robin. In fact, I tried a new recipe today and we loved it. Breakfast muffins with ham, eggs and cheese. They are like little souffles. You are so generous with your drawings! Of course, enter me!

  7. Oh- So sad about Catsby. He was such a baby still but he is beyond all pain and seizures now. I know your hearts hurt.

    No robins here yet...how can it be that YOU have them, I want to know! lol

    I am sorry about your friend's loss, too. Life is just filled with sad moments sometimes. I hope you have a good afternoon and evening and a better week. xo Diana

  8. Oh so much sadness, I am so sorry, my friend. I know how much you loved Catsby and how much it hurts when you lose a furry friend. They are your babies, you care for and nurture them and the hole in your heart is huge. I know you have lovely memories to fill it with...

    We haven't seen any robins yet, but this morning there was a pair of ducks on my pool cover swimming around. They visit up every year and I always love watching them make themselves at home in my yard on their way to...I don't know where, but that's ok. I am glad I'm on the route. Hugs my friend.

  9. So sorry to read about Catsby.
    Sorry to read about your friends loss too.
    Sending my thoughts and prayers.

    Yes, I too love to see and hear the robins.
    Thinking of you and sending my good wishes

    All the best Jan

  10. So sorry to hear about Catsby, you know he had a lovely life while he lived with you.

    Hugs to you!!

    Please link your New recipe up on my cook the Books post this Friday.

  11. Oh, my dear friend. I'm so sorry about Catsby. Your heart is breaking and as another animal love, mine, too. Milo had seizures, too. He started Phenobarbital 2 years ago and hasn't had a seizure since. I don't think it makes you feel any better but please know that I went through the fright with each and every seizure for so long. Catsby was so young---very sad. Hang on girl.

    I love the quote about exercise. Unfortunately I am a slug in the morning as well as the early afternoon. I exercise in 10 minute interval a few times a day. That's been making me feel good while I've been sick. I was beginning to think I'd get bedsores!

    Love ya, Carla.

    Jane x

  12. Good Morning Carla. I am so sorry about losing your fur baby. Sorry for your heart break. Also sorry your friend lost her dad. Sounds good that she good memories to hold onto. May you feel joy as the week continues.

  13. Oh I am so sorry Carla about losing your precious Catsby! Please share with your boys and husband my sympathies, I truly hurt and ache with your heart as you miss your precious friend! And your friend Deb losing her dad, sympathies as well, so glad that you could be there for her and share her memories, that does help with the healing process! And how wonderfully sweet and precious of you to offer up a giveaway! Love that quote about exercise, I need to remember it first thing in the morning and see if it works, lol! Hugs to you today :)

  14. I'm so sorry about Catsby and your friend's father. My prayers for you and all involved, my sweet friend.


  15. Oh no! I am so sorry about Catsby :( And your friends father. What a hard week.
    Hoping this week is better and filled with more joy, and Robins tweeting :)

  16. I'm sorry for the sadness in your life. It is hard to shake those funks when they get a foothold. I hope the joy of spring will help bring you hope and joy.

  17. It's tough losing a father. (I lost mine recently.) What adorable postcards! Have a great rest of the week.

  18. Thinking of you my sweet friend, sounds like last week was difficult. It's never easy loosing our friends, animals or people. Sending hugs from here ❤️

  19. Thank you for writing this. I'm so sorry for all your losses. It is so sad to when our dear pets die. We have been going through some similar experiences lately. a friend, my "grandmother", a cat late last year, almost thought we lose our pug last week, and now our rescue Siamese Jack, a flame pointe, the right side of his heart is failing him after 13 years... , but he has only been ours for about 2... It does seem to come in waves, and we have to be grateful for our life and the people in them. We never know when the time will come. It's best never to go to bed angry at anyone. Life is too fleeting. xoox Su

  20. Well. Our kitty had another appointment, because we were waiting for more tests. He has cancer and only has a few days left, because he stopped eating and barely drinks now. So sad. They bring us such joy. xoxo Su

  21. I am so sorry to hear about your sweet kitty. So hard. Before I finally decided to adopt our two cats I hemmed and hawed about the fact that they were already 10 years old, but there are no guarantees, even when they're young.

    Sending you big hugs, Carla and hoping that by now you've fully shaken your funk!


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