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Monday, March 20, 2017

Joy List Monday

Joy List Monday
a weekly ritual

a reminder to stop and pay attention to the little beauties and graces 
that make life magical and to set aside time for gratitude each day 

Girl Scout Cookies
The memories that come with receiving Girl Scout Cookies.
I was in Girl Scouts and my mom was very active in the program.
I was the top cookie seller for our troop!

 The sweet Thank You note the we received with our Girl Scout Cookie order.

Setting aside gratitude for those people who make our automobiles.
A large rock came flying at me while driving on my Meals on Wheels route last week.
I took a photo of the damage on the windshield. 
Just think if we did not have the amazing windshields we do! Driving along at 60 miles an hour and boom a rock hits you.
Taking time to say "I am thankful for those folks who spend time in making our autos safe."

 Cadbury Mini Eggs

 My text book!
Class is going well. Our instructors are amazing. Very helpful and so excited to teach us.
I am taking time for gratitude to all of those people who enjoy to teach others. They have patience and take time to think of ways to teach in a fun, hands on way.

 My boys!
They really had a chuckle over the size of my class room text book.
I also have online lectures and worksheets.
Setting aside gratitude to my family helping me study for class and take the time to listen about my my time at class.



  1. Such a great list today! Glad the class is going well. That is quite a text book! :)

  2. I'm so glad that you're enjoying the class, sounds like a lot of work but so worth it and I love the fact that you're doing something that you love! This was quite a happy rest this morning, thanks for the smile!

  3. Oh Carla, just think of all that you will learn and master ( if Mother Nature) let you have your way. I'm looking forward to seeing your successful gardening results. Just do your part and Mother Nature does the rest.
    Wishing you a pleasant course at mastering gardening.

  4. That could have been so bad with the rock!! At the least causing a bad wreck. Windshields today are awesome! I am so thankful you are O.K.! Once your class is over, you will be our Blog garden expert! I never was a Girl Scout, I was a Campfire Girl. And who even remembers them, they are now gone with the wind. And they did not have cookies! Anyway, I never sold the cookies, but I sure did eat a lot of them!

  5. All the best to you in your class! Thankful the rock did not hurt you or cause you to wreck. I was never a Girl Scout (too bashful) but I was a great taste tester! lol

  6. Now I know who to come to with all my gardening questions! Have fun with your class! I'm so happy the rock didn't cause an accident. Windshields are very strong, thankfully. Have a nice week!

  7. I am so jealous that you are in that class. Would the term GREEN with ENVY fit? lol That is really scary about the rock hitting your windshield. Years ago you would not have had the protective glass you have today.

    We didn't get any girl scout cookies this year. I didn't even see the kids selling them anywhere like they usually do. xo Diana

  8. I love your list, Carla and I am so happy to hear that your class is going so well!! Yay!! I knew how excited you were to jump into this and it's wonderful to see that it's been such a great experience so far!!

  9. Love love Girl Scout cookies! Bought a few boxes already. CHocolate candy is always a fav of mine. Janice

  10. We always buy a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies. I was a Brownie Scout many many years ago, but never made it to the Girl Scouts. I love what you've put in your joy list. All good things!

  11. Shortbread can bring me joy anytime :-)

  12. Such a great list today. Of course you were the number one Girl Scout Cookie seller lol! I can totally see that. So glad your class is fun and you are learning a lot. Sorry about your windshield. It is good that the glass is now shatterproof or that could have really been a disaster. Have a great week.

  13. So many times we're too busy to remember the simple but profound joys for which we can be thankful. Thank you for helping remind us to slow down and appreciate the "little" (but BIG) things.

  14. I would have guessed that you were the best cookie seller!
    It sounds like you have great instructors for your class. That makes it all the more perfect learning environment. That does look like quite the text book :)


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