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Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Bad Hair Cut

A little story about my hair, my dad and ice cream.

I have naturally curly hair.
You have to be careful how you cut naturally curly hair. 

I was in 8th grade.
My dad drove me to my hair appointment.
8th grade was a hard time for me. I was going through all the changes that come your way as a girl. I had surgery on both of my feet. I had naturally curly hair and I wanted straight hair.

My dad took me to my hair appointment.
He stayed in the truck, I went in. 
Bev was the cosmetologist that was ready to cut my hair. I do not think we had one person do our hair, my mom would just take the appointment with whoever was available.

Bev gave me a nice hair cut, until she got to my bangs. She cut my bangs, not realizing she needed to leave some hair for the natural curl. 

I paid for the appointment.
I quickly went to the truck. 
The tears started to flow. Down they came as I desperately pulled on my bangs, trying to make them grow back, or pull hair from my head.

My dad really had no idea what to do.
He said, "You do not like your hair cut?"
"No." I cried.

"Let's go for Ice Cream." my dad said.

He drove to the A&W. He went in and let me stay in the truck. As I pondered how to glue hair back on to my hair. He came back with two Twist Cones. He smiled! I smiled!  

It was a special time for me. Just me and my dad. In his own tender way, he told me he understood about the hair cut.



  1. You dad sounds like a very special guy. And he got it and handled it in a super "sweet" way. I remember those days...they were not easy. My dad passed away when I was going into junior high. I felt sad, alone and awkward about it. Hair is part of our armor as girls. I had straight hair and thought curly would make me feel better, stronger. Instead it was just a really bad perm....with those same curly, too short bangs. Ugh. Hope your sweet dad is doing well.

  2. Oh Carla! You had me hooked from the first sentence. I actually have tears in my eyes now. Such a beautiful story, full of angst, teenage grief, and deep abiding love. Your Dad, all I can say is WOW! Men don't really know how to handle our hair problems, but he reacted perfectly. He did not try to talk you out of it, or tell you to buck up. But he ave you some wonderful and delicious moments together. I grew up without a dad, and this is the exact one of my dreams. You were so blessed. LOVE the cartoon! Isn't it true that when we are teenagers, we never like the way we look.

  3. Awww, that was so sweet of your dad!

    I've have had a 2-3 terrible cuts in my time. The one time I had feathered layers and the hairdresser chopped off a straight chunk of hair. I looked hideous for a year.

    Thankfully, you can now look back with a fond memory.

  4. No, the church was not selling the hangings. A couple of our crafters just made them for the Easter season. Hmmm, wish I would have looked last night to see if they are still there.

  5. A sweet storey... Your dad sounds like a very kind soul and I think he handled the situation very nicely. He didn't get angry at the hairdresser for messing your haircut and didn't dwelled on it as he knew she did her best and hair grows back anyway... You were still his pretty curly head girl and that's all he saw. Ice cream was exactly the perfect fix.

    Best wishes for a quick recovery for your dad.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. It makes such a difference when someone really listens and cares. What seems a little thing to the parents is really a BIG thing to a child! You will always remember your Dad's sweet smile.

  7. What a sweet story from your childhood! Your dad knew just the thing to cheer up the curly-headed little girl that he loved so much. I remember getting some perms that made my hair so kinky when I was a young girl and hated it so much that I didn't want to go out of the house. lol!

  8. How rare and wonderful your dad must have been as a parent of a young teenager. And smart not to have tried to start assuring you that it looked good or that it would grow out soon. At that point you didn't care. Most men are problem solvers. They listen and immediately want to figure it out, solve the problem. Bless their hearts.

    Naturally curly hair here too. It's taken me to my 7th decade to just go with the curls. I still love a good salon blow out with straight shining hair and opt for it when the humidity is low for special occasions but I've learned to accept my curls and the ease of shampoo, condition, and fluff up for curls.

    This post tells us a whole lot about your father and your relationship with him. And I could see it all.

  9. Ice cream makes everything better. Although you had a bad hair cut, it gave you a wonderful memory about your dad. Hope he is doing well. Janice

  10. Aw, what a sweet story. I'm liking your dad an awful lot, Carla. When the going gets tough, the tough get ice cream! Yes! Hope your papa is improving every day. Hugs, Nancy

  11. That is the sweetest story about your dad and you!! I still get my bangs cut too short when I go for a hair cut! Mine grow so fast!

  12. Oh Carla, this makes me cry. How sweet and understanding of your dad. I was such an idiot in school, even in 12th grade! The night before we were to have our pictures taken in our caps and gowns, I cut my bangs. I cut them way too short! Then I even looked like an idiot. My bangs stood straight out. I've cried over many a haircut over the years.

  13. Such a sweet story, Carla. And didn't your dad do well when faced with a crisis?

  14. I have a similar story but didn't get ice cream in the end. I LOVE your curls and your dad! Funny...I prayed for curly hair (and I got it in ONE section in the back of my head!).

  15. Oh- I hear you and fully understand. My GIRL cousin went to barber school. It was unheard of at that time for a WOMAN to be a barber. She wanted to practice on me and I let her but asked her not to cut my hair too short. I ended up with a boy cut in June and by the time school started in fall my hair was still only about an inch and a half long...and I was chubby and wore glasses. Honestly, I was traumatized by that whole event...and always afraid to get my hair cut short after that. I have a couple of times and it was also disastrous. I, too, have curly hair but I do straighten it. oh-hair---lol xo Diana

  16. Oh Carla I had one of those hair drama's in the 8th grade too. I had wavy hair and wanted to get a perm. I have very thick hair so when they were done with giving me the perm I looked like my head and hair were bigger than my whole body. I had "bozo hair" and thought I would die. So I totally can relate. Glad your dad was there with his gentle love.

  17. I absolutely love the story, you made me smile. I hope your dad is continuing to get better and better as the days go on my friend. I hope you two can share an ice cream soon!

  18. I wonder what your dad would think if he read this? It would be a gift, for certain.


  19. "He said, 'You do not like your hair cut?'
    'No.' I cried.

    'Let's go for Ice Cream.' my dad said."

    Hahaha! Wonderful. Glad we can look back at things like terrible haircuts and angst of 8th grade and find joy.

    Big hugs to you!

    Have a wonderful week!

  20. What a sweet story of you and your Dad, such a precious treasure of a man he is! Nothing could make your hair look better at the moment, but what ills can't a swirl icecream cure? Such a precious story, and I hope that your dad's health returns to better than it was. Many in our family have had heart surgeries and have gone on to live wonderful and better lives than they had before, thanks to modern technology and the touch of the Lord! Hugs to you today dear friend, may this first day of May be a wonderful day for you :)

  21. A very sweet story and a wonderful post.

    All the best Jan

  22. I can definitely imagine your feelings about your bangs. Glad you dad tried really hard to save the day!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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