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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Tis the Season ~ It is the Hodgepodge

Tis' the Season
It is the Hodgepodge!

Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

1. Let's talk holiday decorating. On a scale of 1-10 where do you fall? (1=Scrooge and 10= Clark Griswold). What's your favorite corner-room-table-space to decorate? Is it done?
Yes, we decorate! I will say I am a 7 .... I decorate our dining room and living room. I add a little to the kitchen and our entry. I also like to decorate our deck and the entry to our home.

I love to set up my nutcracker collection. 

Yes, we are all done decorating! 

Outside ... I did add some mittens to the skates after the photo was taken.

Outside ... keeping it simple with fresh pine and cardinals.

Embroidery work done by my late grandma .... see my recent post on this special  Gift from Grandma

I used a large galvanized bucket for our tree stand.

Our fun camper ornament, it just makes me smile.

The TARDIS from Doctor Who ... our boys favorite.

The countdown on the refrigerator in the kitchen.

 2. Is there a nativity scene in your decorating somewhere? Post a picture or, if it's special to you in some way, tell us why. Or do both-it's Christmas!

Yes, we have a nativity scene in our decorating. This year it is in our living room.
My sister gifted us this nativity several years ago.

 3.  Do you live in a social neighborhood? If so are you glad? If not do you wish you did?

No, we do not live in a social neighborhood. When I hear about the fun some of the neighborhoods have, I wish I did.

  4.  As the saying goes, 'there's no time like the present'. How does that ring true in your life right now?

Yes, I have several Christmas "To Do" to do!

 5. Do you dread Mondays? Why or why not?

I do not have a problem with Monday. It is a great day to start the week.

 6.  Poinsettia, Christmas Cactus, Amaryllis-which on the list is your favorite holiday plant? Are any of these on display in your home right now?

I love them all!! You guys already know how much I love flowers. Ha!
At this time our Christmas Cactus is starting to form buds.

 7. Share a favorite quote from a Christmas movie.

 Linus shares the true meaning of Christmas with Luke 2: 8-14.

 8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

My second favorite Christmas quote from a movie.



  1. I love the skates! How beautiful! You need to do a lot more posts showing your decorations! And our Christmas cactus had the first bloom open this morning! YAY! Hugs, Diane

  2. I love your outdoor decorations. Very festive.
    I haven't started decorating yet but will be starting soon. My daughter is sending me a cleaning service on the 13 so I'll wait after they get done to start decorating. My fist item of decoration is always the nativity because that's what Christmas is all about.

    I always have Poinsettias and Christmas Cactus in bloom for Christmas.

    Take care, Hugs,

  3. I love that Nativity, Carla. I have an angel from that company. Great to see the Tardis. I also love the Charlie Brown quotation about the real meaning of Christmas. Your cardinals in the pine are so pretty!!!

  4. Sorry about your neighbor. I guess we never know what goes on behind closed doors. My daughter has a very challenging neighbor who just refuses to be won over by kindness. This is hard for her to accept, but he's been nasty enough now that I think she is letting it go. Love your camper and your tub!

  5. Your decorations are marvelous! I love the ice skates! A house nearby does one of these too.Are they real skates? And the little camper is adorable. We love Doctor Who!! We are Whovians!

  6. I enjoyed all your photos and the ice skates with the evergreen are cool! I like the Willow Tree nativity and gave our daughter and dil each the set. I also like your grandmother's embroidery work.

  7. I love your ice skates decoration! I've been wanting to do that or use a sled for our front entryway. I chose Linus too :) Have a great rest of the week :)

  8. Love all the decorations, so fun! Such a precious gift from your grandmother too! Hugs to you today Carla, enjoy the season of joy :)

  9. Your decorations look good ... we haven't put ours out yet ... maybe this weekend!

    All the best Jan

  10. Lovely decorations and nice random thought.

  11. Your decorations look great - love your tree stand! SO CLEVER! So...we also have that Tardis ornament and a Dalik (spelling - ?) courtesy of my hubby. Of course I love the Peanut's Christmas and the Grinch too! You've got me fa la la-ing now! xo

  12. Love this Carla. Your decor looks so pretty and festive. Enjoy the rest of this week.

  13. I love your decorations, and the galvanized bucket for your tree stand is awesome! Are the first two pics from a parade in your town? Looks like maybe a bulldog riding along?

  14. I wouldn't mind a tardis ornament, as long as it is bigger on the inside :-)

  15. I've always liked the Willow Tree nativity. So simple and sweet. All your decorations are wonderful; the camper ornament is really cute. Have a great weekend! xo

  16. The skates are gorgeous! And is your advent countdown made from a cookie sheet? The camper ornament is so cute. Love it!

  17. I can see you are a fan of Hallmark. I have that countdown and I have the little campers too, they are so darn cute. The tree with the cardinals is so pretty and I love the skate decoration, really nice! You know I have the Hallmark Linus ornament where you push a button and he says that, it is the sweetest thing. Enjoy everything about your Christmas...

  18. My two favorite holiday quotes...big surprise right? I have always been a Christmas 10, but lately I am more toward a 6...this year, 4 or 5. I am trying to enjoy the experiences with the kids rather than the stuff...and if that means going out for coffee or lunch when they happen to be home rather than spend that time hanging more lights or unpacking more boxes, then so be it. ;) Happy weekend, my friend.

  19. Thanks for sharing about yourself. I like that nativity set...and that quote: The Grinch finally got it right!

  20. That camper ornament stole my heart too Carla!

    From the looks of things, I'd say you were closer to a 10! You certainly put me to shame, but then again, lately I've been a 2. I love Christmas and living vicariously through you and all the other beautiful blog photos, but I no longer decorate since we are not home.

    Sorry you don't live in a friendly neighborhood. We had that same issue for many years, and I always envied people who not only knew their neighbors, but were friendly with them. Where we are now is much better, but I think that's because we are so isolated if we all didn't know each other, we'd go nuts! Lol


High Fives from Wisconsin!