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Friday, December 11, 2020

Happiness and Heartache


Happiness and Heartache.. that seems to be the emotion I have been going through this entire year. When things seem to just get a little back "to normal" and then something happens, the virus spikes in our area, car trouble, more cancellations and uncertainty. I have a feeling many of you can relate.

Within the past few weeks our son's "new car" to him, broke down. What  a heartbreak, he saved and saved for this car. His dream car as he calls it. Sadly, on Thanksgiving night he had to call a tow truck to have the car brought back to his apartment.

That same week a spike in COVID cases caused my husbands business to close it doors. 

This week, brought good news regarding having Sam's car fixed. My husbands work is open and everyone is healthy. 

And just when you start to feel like we are rounding a corner to some good news..  an accident happened during a training exercise. The pilot was missing. Our National Guard son, Sam was keeping us updated as the search for the pilot continued into Thursday. Sadly the pilot was found dead. He was a daddy to a young family. Sam's teammates are broken, Wisconsin lost someone very special.

And at the very same time as Sam updated us on the situation with the pilot. The phone rings..

♪♫♪ Ring Ring ♪♫♪ ... I pick up to hear a dear voice that I have not heard in sometime. It was Marv! My dear Marv. Many of you readers at The River know all about Marv. My garden mentor, full of jokes, a Korean war veteran and a treasure of a friend. He had a stroke in September. He moved about five hours South of us to live with his niece Kathleen, to recover. She keeps us updated on how he is doing. I have been writing letters to him weekly and sending little gifts too. I have not been able to talk to him, until this phone call today.

"Hi Carla, do you know who this is?"  

"I sure do, this is my dear friend Marv."

We talked for a long while. He got a new phone that he can handle easy and hear out of well. 

He was not able to walk without assistance until this week. He was so happy to share that news with me. He cannot see out of his left eye and still struggles with his left side.  He had his humor ..  it was wonderful to hear him up to his old shenanigans.. " you tell those boys I am back on my feet, I think I can beat them in a race."


Marv reminded me, as he has done before, you have to just keep going. And remember you are a light, even if you don't always feel that way. When everything seems to be going wrong in every direction you look. We can always be love and light.
I pray for the Wisconsin National Guard, as they mourn. I pray for the family of the pilot.
I thank him for his service.
I pray for Marv. I know he is 92 and has urinary cancer, but he still fights on, to be a light to someone everyday, because he knows how to make someone smile. And he did that for me today.
I pray for my country, we are divided as people, this virus, this election, financial struggles, health and so much more. 
 May we continue to be Love and Light!
Oh oh
He rules the world with truth and grace
And makes the nations prove
The light of His righteousness
And wonders of His love
And wonders of His love
And wonders of His love
And wonders, wonders, of His love
And wonders, wonders, of His love
Joy to the world, now we sing
Let the earth receive her king
Joy to the world, now we sing
Let the angel voices ring



  1. You have been having some rough times, for sure. Seems like God knows just at the right time when we need something to raise or spirits, what a gift it was to hear from Marv!!

  2. What a heart wrenching post Carla. You certainly had a real roller coaster of a week. So much happening all at the same time it seems.

    I feel bad about the lost pilot and for his family. Such a tragic loss and especially for your son and his companions also. Sorry about the car trouble also.

    I'm glad that Marv called just when you needed some up-lifting of spirit. Things are not going so well for the country either. I sure hope that things will turn around for the better.

    Last week our city was code Orange for covid-19 but has change to Code Yellow this week. A small blessing.
    Stay safe and well.
    Hugs, Julia

  3. Let angel voices ring, that is so meaningful to me. God has a plan for us. Your friend Marv is a can do guy, I can tell, and the National Guard and your son stand strong. I grew up in Wisconsin, by the way.

  4. Thank you for sharing this, Carla. This year sure has had its ups and downs. Thank you for the reminder that even something as small as a phone call can really make a difference.
    PS - I like your cross stitch! Did you make it yourself?

  5. Glad good things happened to make you feel thankful. I am so sorry to read about the young pilot. Your dear friend Marv sounds like a wonderful, loving character and it's great that you have each other in your lives. Have a lovely Christmas dear Carla ~ FlowerLady

  6. So sad, the sad things.... Personal and country wide...

    So wonderful, the bright things... Oh how we need the bright things....

    Gentle hugs to you, my Dear...

  7. My tears are streaming down my face as I read your post today. Such heartache for that young pilot taken too soon. Tears of happiness that Marv was able to talk to you on the phone. That is such a gift to you. I pray for Sam everyday as his journey continues with the Wisconsin National Guard. Let's hope and pray that as we say goodbye soon to 2020 and enter 2021 we will see life begin to be better for so many and we can all find a new normal in our lives. Glad your husband's work has opened back up. This has been such a challenge for so many. Big hugs sweet friend.

  8. Carla, it is heartbreaking to lose this young man who was serving his country. I'll pray with you for his family and friends and those who serve with him. And your dear friend Marv, what an indomitable spirit he has. Your fondness for him shows every time you write about him. I do hope that Sam will be able to get his car going. I know it worries your heart for him. I loved reading the lines of this beloved hymn, a great reminder of the source of our light.

    Marv is right, we just have to keep going. Take care, Carla, love to you.

  9. That is good advice: Just keep going. It's so sad about the pilot; especially the fact that he leaves behind young children and a wife. I hope they're able to solve the case to bring about at least a bit of peace.

  10. Carla, Please hug Sam for me. I am crying as I try to type. The young Guardsman lost ,hurts me. As you said so many crushing lows. So thankful for some highs when we get them. You getting to hear from Marv has touched my heart. Blessings to you and your family. xoxo,love, Susie
    p.s. [raying for our nation.

  11. Oh good timing from your old friend. I had heard about the pilot and felt so sad. My daughter working in Virginia for a few years. All of her friends had husbands in the Navy. Some of them were pilots. We would watch the jets fly over the ocean and then another would catch up to it and do a refuel in the air. Over and over, they trained. I had respect before, but I felt it when we were in Virgina. Thank your son of this service

  12. I think this is the first time in my life that I have been happy for a year to end! I should not say that, but it's true. I read about the pilot; so sad for his family. I'm happy to hear about Marv! What a praise! I know you were so happy to talk to him. Marv is a rockstar! I will continue to pray for his recovery. You have experienced lots of ups and downs lately, Carla!

  13. I can comment now! I switched to Chrome, so I hope this goes through. I sent you an e-mail, but don't know if you got it or not. I am so touched by what Marv said, Carla. That is beautiful, and he's such a special man. I'm so sorry you and your family have had struggles lately. That's awful about Sam's car breaking down, but I'm glad it's fixed now. And I'm so sorry to hear about the Pilot who died. This is such a strange time for everyone. Yes, may we continue to be love and light. Wonderfully said, Carla.

    Enjoy the Christmas season.


  14. Oh Carla, so much up and down and such sad, sad news about the pilot. I am glad to hear that Marv was able to speak to you though, what a joy for you both. I was talking to my friend today and was reminded of an old saying, you can't stop the waves from coming, you just have to learn how to ride them. So true, but the sad ones are much harder to ride. Hoping for happier waves...xxoo

  15. So many ups and downs. I'm so thankful for every positive story I hear. So thankful and happy for you that Marv called. What a wonderful surprise that must have been!

  16. This year has had more than it's share of ups and downs. I saw the news of the pilot and was very sad to hear it. I'm glad you got to talk to your old friend. I got some happy mail yesterday...thank you! Enjoy your day!

  17. So true, just when you think things are going to be okay for awhile something new happens. So sorry about the car and it is so sad to hear about the death of the pilot. I'm so thrilled to hear that you talked with Marv. I will continue to pray along with you.


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