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Friday, April 27, 2012

On the Road Friday

Penokee Range
Today we will be traveling to the Penokee Mountains. Did you know Wisconsin has  mountains? I am excited to tell you, Wisconsin does. Atticus is concentrating on finishing up his 4th Grade Wisconsin Project. He decided to do it on Iron Ore Mines of Wisconsin. Guess what? The larger mines were located in the Penokee Range. I will let Atticus share more about the history of Wisconsin's Iron Ore Mines in a future post. As for now...lets take a trip to the mountains.
A view of Wisconsin's Mountain Range

Penokee Ski Trail - located 3 miles west from Mellen, Wisconsin on Highway GG.
Last year we camped at Copper Falls State Park.Which is located in the Penokee Range.
Please take a peek at last years posts and amazing photos

Copper Falls is an amazing State Park. We hope to visit again in 2012.

 Wisconsin's section of the Penokee Range produced more Ore  than any other part of the states Iron Ore mining facilities. More than 71 million tons. Wisconsin's two leading mines in this range, the Monteral and Cary mines. 
I love driving through Monteral, Wisconsin. It still has many of the mining homes and has created a historic district to keep the homes looking as they did. It is a lot of fun. I hope to take some photo's the next time we go to share with you.
Jeremy having fun. He likes to play with Legos (no, he has not grown up).
Help! A wind blew up and Jeremy lost his little man. No worries, he was able to climb down and pick him up.
The climb to the overlook. Or the climb down to rescue the little man.

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. Is that 'Obi Wan Penokee'?? :-) Looks like someplace Kevin and I need to go this summer. I'm so glad you're posting about these places, for I want to get a few of them planned out for the summer, especially when grandkids are here!

  2. So glad you recovered the Lego man. I know how much your boys like Legos. :)


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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