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Monday, April 16, 2012

My store on Etsy

Hi friends,
I have some fun news. I have started up a store on Etsy.
Many of you know me personally, and you know how I like to send cards to encourage people. We (my best friend, Jeremy, aka my husband) love to take photos. I had a brainstorm one day and presented it to Jeremy. How about we create some photo cards. Sometimes I have the hardest time finding a fun card at the store.  He thought it would be fun and we began researching Etsy. That is how Studio206 began.

What is Studio206?
It is a photo card shop .... with more on the way. At this time we have the following collections of cards,
Flower collection
Lego collection
Animal collection

If you have time, take a peek at - http://www.etsy.com/shop/studio206wi

Be sure to stop again here at The River this week - I am planning a Grand Opening give away!

 Check out the store blog - to see our first selection of cards



  1. I am SO impressed, Carla! I have planned to have my Etsy store up and running long before now, but still it is 'in progress.' So I have a question: With Etsy, do you have the opportunity to get everything up and finished before it goes public, or does every step of the way become public as it is introduced? I want to get the profile, shop policies, etc. written and all my photos up BEFORE it goes public. I can't find anywhere that tells me. I even read 'hot to make money using Etsy,' but it didn't answer all my questions.

    ANYway, best wishes with your new Etsy store!! Love that rooster photo and the black lab especially. So cute!

  2. Good for you Carla. Kudos for following through with an idea. I hope your store does well. So neat that it's something you and Jeremy can do together.


High Fives from Wisconsin!