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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Maundy Thursday

The following photos were taken last year during our Maundy Thursday set up and service. For the last three years we have helped set up for Maundy Thursday. I took the following photos of the preparation.

Our Pastor, washing my husbands feet at the end of the service. This will be our last Maundy Thursday service with our Pastor. He has preformed this service for over 25 years. He will be retiring this year. Our family loves him so. We have been blessed by him.

This morning the boys and I again helped prepare for service. It was a special time for us, we are thankful.


  1. The only Maundy Thursday service I've been to was in Cambridge, England, at King's College Chapel. We had communion followed by the stripping of the altar. It was a very meaningful and moving service, including the sermon and of course King's College Choir.

  2. This looks wonderful. What a neat thing to do as a church family. I kept thinking it would be nice to do something like this at our church but didn't get around to organizing it. Maybe next year.


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