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Friday, April 26, 2013

On the Road Friday

Wisconsin Maple Syrup
Recently we were blessed with a field trip to a local Sugar Bush.
We watch as the maple tree was tapped and  the plastic tubing was attached. 
We listened to the importance of grade, so the sap can flow to the bulk tanks.
We got to see the amazing amount  of sap the maple syrup farmers  are collection this year, 2013. They had a poor spring for syrup last year in 2012, so this is a true blessing.

Adding another tap, and tubing.

The tubing is up high, because of the need for grade. For the sap to flow to the bulk tank.

Drilling a new tap, using a bucket. Again the importance of the flow of sap to the tank.

The bulk tank, full of sap.

The tractor, waiting as the transport tank was being filled. 
From this point the tractor takes the sap to the Sugar Bush. The sap is cooked down to make  the good maple syrup we enjoy at home.

Have you visited a Sugar Bush?

Do you like maple syrup?
What do you like to put it on? Pancakes, Waffles, French Toast, Sausage??

Enjoy and thank you for coming along with me, On the Road  Friday!


  1. That is so fascinating, we enjoy maple syrup on pancakes. And I just tried a recipe that called for half maple syrup and half mustard mixed together for a chicken dip. Yum! Our daughter told me she mixed it with mayo and it was really good. I was surprised at the size of the holding tank and also how high up they have to tap for a good grade. Why is that I wonder. We have seen sap being boiled down and offered on snow cups but not being collected from trees. ; )

  2. REAL maple syrup is the only kind I can enjoy. I so appreciate this post and the people who harvest the sap and transform it into syrup. Yummy!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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