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Monday, April 22, 2013

What does your yard look like?

April 19th, we woke to white.
April 21, we woke to white.
April, 22 as I write this post, it is snowing.

My husband just mentioned, "Carla, have you heard anything about global warming?"

Maple buds saying "We want to burst for you...but it just will not stop snowing."
 Pretty maple tree buds, on an April morning.
 The Raspberry patch, still in a winter sleep.
 Waiting for little boys to play.
Atticus did go swing Friday afternoon. My fellas are really ready for bike rides, swinging and digging in the dirt.
 The pines are ready for Christmas.
Our Pastor mentioned on Sunday morning that he went to town on Friday night and some wise cracker turned his Christmas lights back on. :-)
 Our flower garden!
The daffodils are waiting I am pretty sure they are still under the winter white.
 Daffodils and tulips are waiting in the garden, to say "Hello, it has been a long sleep!"
 Our garden bench...also waiting to be sat on after an afternoon of weeding.

Yes, I know many of you are wondering...isn't this the same Carla that likes snow. I do! But, I can not ski in this snow. So it might as well be SPRING. 

Happy Snow Day

Oh and one more question from my husband, "Don't they say, Three snows on a robin's back?
Our robins have had, one, two, three, four, five...I do not even know anymore snows."  

Looking out the window at 7:30pm ... yes, it is snowing.
We are going to turn on the Christmas music.


  1. wow, you sure did get the snow. Your comments are so enjoyable though...and the photos are great. You have recorded the beauty and the yearning for spring so well. I am ready for it to warm up...I'm so tired of being chilly. I get excited to see the sun out in the mornings but it doesn't warm up our world very often. It will though....=)

  2. Oh no. At least you are keeping a good sense of humor about all the snow you continue to get. I hope spring shows up soon for you.

  3. Haha. Lovely post and great photos, Carla! Actually, when it started snowing yesterday, that is exactly what I did - turned on my favorite Christmas music - the music from 'Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols' from Cambridge. It really helps. :-) But I hear we're supposed to have 71 degrees by Monday! (I'll have to be really careful not to complain about it getting too hot when it does.) lol


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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