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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Should I or should'nt I

Should I put these away?
 Last week Thursday, we woke up to this!
 We did put all our winter stuff away yesterday. I just could not  have winter coats hanging up when it was 80 degrees. So I started to collect our boots, hats, mittens, scarves and coats.
When my husband came home I asked him " Do you think it is safe to put this stuff away?" He did not have an answer, he just smiled. :-)

The 2nd, should I or should I not?
Last year we decided to have babies! Read here
and here 
 The boys were talking about how much fun it was to have babies. "We really should do it again, Mom!!"

Should I say yes?

Did I say yes?

I did!
Next month...a bunny giveaway? :-)



  1. The first time I visited your lovely and inspiring blog was for your baby bunny post. I hope you can put away those winter accessories and start to focus on more babies!

  2. Surely, the Winter is over.. I hope anyway.. The bunnies are so sweet, though. It must be hard to decide... Blessings..

  3. I would love a bunny but we have a fox and coyote problem. Cracks me up how you worded that and the picture but what such beautiful bunnies.
    I would keep only the boots out Carla.
    One night this weekend we will have a freeze so I need to cover lots I already planted.

  4. We're wondering the same thing (about the winter stuff). It seems when I do put it away, there's always at least one more snow fall. I'm NOT going to tempt fate.

  5. we put our winter stuff away..now we have a freeze warning for next week!!!!!! but no snow so we'll be safe.
    happy spring!!

  6. We haven't put our winter stuff away yet. 40 degrees and windy today. The bright side is our summer clothes don't wear out as fast as people who live in Texas.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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