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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Boys + Tree House = ER

Sam and Atticus have been working on a new tree house this summer. They checked out some books at the library and designed what they wanted to build. An amazing tree house, with a rope ladder.
But with that amazing tree house came this! Sam is looking sad, because Atticus fell off the rope ladder and fractured his wrist. And Sam was the one who built the rope ladder. I told Sam it is no ones fault, it was an accident. It happens.
Next Friday we head to Eau Claire to find out what the next step is. Atticus had wonderful care in ER. His ER doctor was great. And I loved how he told him, "Ya, know, you are going to give your mom gray hair!"


  1. Thats too bad....getting a broken wrist in summer or anytime. I hope it heals quickly and is soon just a memory. Get well soon Atticus!

  2. OH NO! First, your boys are really handsome...with their adventures and good looks, they most certainly will give you gray hair :). What a cool tree house. Hopefully the arm heels quickly.

  3. Good grief, I didn't realize how many posts I'd missed while cleaning my Christmas closet! Poor Atticus! Poor Sam! How is Atticus doing now? And it was a good lesson for Sam that some things just happen and blame doesn't have to be assigned to anyone. Some people grow up without learning that.

    Hope you heal QUICKLY, Atticus!

    I'm sure the raspberry ice cream will help. :-) Looks irresistible.


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