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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Silver bells? And blessings!

If you guessed Okra...you are right.
Have you ever just met someone? Well, I just happened to meet Marv, my 85 year old garden friend, going on three years ago. And I really can not tell you how it happened. But it did. And it is a true blessing. His wife died a few years ago. He spends his time gardening, walking, reading and sharing his love of life with others. He is a Veteran of the Korean War. My boys love to listen to him tell stories about the war. He has stories about snakes, climbing rope ladders, and combat. He will share a little, and then just kinda of stop talking about it. We understand, it makes him sad. We just listen to what he wants to share and do not press him further. What he loves to talk about are plants. He has taught me so much about gardening the last couple of years. Yes, he grows Okra in Wisconsin. He was so excited to show me the flower, he just knew I would love it. And I did. 


  1. What a beautiful post - I love the elderly - they're a book just waiting to be read - with the most fascinating stories in every chapter ..........
    Much love,

  2. What a lovely friendship to have struck up. I am sure the boys love hearing what he has to share and he loves having someone to pass along some of the history he has lived through to the next generation.


  3. Sharon K.

    What a cool story about your elderly neighbor.
    The boys, I,m sure enjoy his stories of old.

    I would never have guessed an Okra plant.

  4. I so enjoy sitting down with other people and hearing them share parts of their lives. I like to take photos of them also, but always ask permission. I love having a story and a photo that go together!


High Fives from Wisconsin!