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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

It is a Roll Your Eyes - Hodgepodge

It is Wednesday. It is time for the Hodgepodge.
 It is easy to join in.
Joyce asks the questions.
We answer the questions.

1.  Speaking of skating...when did you last 'skate on thin ice', 'skate over the details', 'encounter a cheapskate', or just plain skate?

Just plain skate...that seems to be what I am doing on our driveway. Our driveway is on the North side. It is a skate or slip walk down the driveway until Spring!

2. What would you say is the biggest problem of people your age?

 3. What's your favorite accessory? Is it something you wear every day, often, or only on special occasions?

Earrings. I love earrings. I wear earrings every day.

 4. January 20th is National Cheese Lover's Day. Are you a lover of cheese? What's your favorite dish made with cheese? Last thing you ate that contained some kind of cheese? 

Yes, I love cheese. I am a Wisconsin farm girl, so I guess cheese is in the blood.
If you have time, click on the link below. My favorite cheese store in all of Wisconsin!
I love to eat cheese and crackers. My favorite dish would be my husbands homemade pizza.
The last thing I ate that contained some kind of cheese? I had a snack of cheese and crackers, Mild Cheddar, Colby and Colby Jack.

5. What's something guaranteed to make you roll your eyes? 

My husband and his I Fart App  - I will confess, I have laughed a couple of times. Honestly! Sometimes it is hard to be the only girl in this house. My boys just go bonkers when my husband starts to fart with his App.

 6. Your favorite book series

The Little House Books by  Laura Ingalls Wilder 
Farmer Boy is my favorite.

7. Why did you choose your profession? 
I am a  Domestic Engineer ... Tee Hee ... I like that.
 We have been blessed with the opportunity for me to continue in my profession.

 8. Insert your own random thought here. 


  1. You have a great profession and you do it well.

    I've never heard of the Fart App, really? lol... I guess boys will be boys.
    Have a great day,

  2. I absolutely think it's the best profession in the world and when you will never regret! I also love the title! I really think people should think of domestic engineering as the hardest profession in the world and most rewarding! I grow so tired of the stay at home versus working mother debate, it's time we support all women! I too love cheese, cheese and bread oh and peanut butter! Probably my very favorite things in the whole wide world! Your husband's pizza sounds amazing! Again, oh how I love my cheese and bread ;-)

    1. your answer to number 5, cracked me up

  3. Lots of Little House fans at the Hodgepodge. You have the best profession ever! I love cheese and crackers too.

  4. Thank you for stopping by. I checked out Burnett Dairy - love that they have recipes.

    I also love Laura Ingalls Wilder and The Little House on The Prairie books. I occasionally watch one of the episodes too.

    Have a good rest of the week.

  5. So different with a house filled with men! I respect your choice. xoox Su

  6. Of course there's an IFART app. When you consider the number of men and boys out there, it was only a matter of time that someone came up with it. LOL I love your chosen profession. AND, I have to tell you, I FOUND my dog pin this morning. I was sure that it had fallen off my polar fleece jacket when I was in Rochester, so I had no hope of finding it again. And besides, I'd looked everywhere in the house for it, on all my jackets, etc. etc. But today when I was talking to my daughter on the phone, I glanced over at a little tiny dish full of earrings and there it was!!! I am so happy. and now I know that it must have been that I was concerned about wearing it to Rochester and losing it off my jacket, so...........

    So what all that means is: Any minute now, you should come across your letter opener! xoxoxoxoxo

  7. We have a friend who pulled that app out recently. The men at the table could not get enough of it : ) Stay safe on your driveway! Have you heard of the BellaVitano? It's a Sartori, made in Plymouth WI. It's so good!

  8. I will have to check out that app when I need a laugh! You know me and skating lately! I'm determined to go back to the rink. At least I didn't slip on ice outside, I think that would be worse. Cheese sounds good. I love cheese and crackers too and yes please to your hubby's homemade pizza! You're so good at what you do!! :)

  9. This one was a thinker! The only answer that came immediately to mind was the cheese question. I LOVE cheese...but lately, it's been bothering my tummy a bit. I am not happy about that, because I normally consume some kind of cheese every day. I am hoping this passes and I can go back to loving cheese again. Oh wait...the eye roll...definitely reality tv of any kind. Well, except home shows or nature. I do like those! :)

  10. I'm the only female in my house, so I know exactly how you feel! :)

  11. Oh no...a fart App. PLease do not tell Bob. ;-) Janice

  12. For some strange reason for the male of our species fart humor is always funny! It matters not how old the particular male is...farts are funny. You can take solace that the flatulence is electronically generated and not of natural origin. Thanks for stopping by my blog page.

  13. Sometimes I don't make smart choices. For a reason that I don't know, I told my husband about the fart App. Why do I do these things? Lol!!
    I absolutely love your kitty photo. So sweet.

  14. "January 20th is National Cheese Lover's Day." ... I love cheeses, all different varieties and always have at least a couple (usually more) in the fridge. Currently it's a very nice English Cheddar and some Roquefort.

    Hope your week is going well

    All the best Jan

  15. "January 20th is National Cheese Lover's Day." ... I love cheeses, all different varieties and always have at least a couple (usually more) in the fridge. Currently it's a very nice English Cheddar and some Roquefort.

    Hope your week is going well

    All the best Jan

  16. Hi Carla,
    I've been dealing with computer woes here...so just catching up now!
    Aw, the farter ap...was this written about my husbands antics? lol!
    And debt, so correct about that being an epidemic now!
    Loved the Laura Ingalls quote!
    Hope you are staying warm!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  17. Wonderful quote and answers :)

    Loved that funny in your last post! HA!


  18. Growing up in Illinois I have had the pleasure of visiting several awesome cheese shops in Wisconsin. Of course our commercials were always about Wisconsin cheese. Ever since we moved to California 27 years ago I had to laugh at the commercials that said that best cheese comes from California.....no way!!! We have always been a family that laughs at farts.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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