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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Fallen Hero's

Our little town of Cameron is preparing for a large funeral on Friday. 
Our side streets are closed along our Arlington Avenue.
The funeral will be held at our former Elementary school just two blocks from our home.

Media trucks and helicopters are buzzing our neighborhood.

Our neighborhood is shining BLUE night and day.
Blue lights are glowing up and down the streets of Cameron.

The funeral is for a police officer who was ambushed  and killed  Saturday night.
He was 33. A husband, a father to three and a hero. A hero who went on the call to check on  a disabled auto.  Only to have a bad man waiting for him, and shot and killed him.

To read the story and see photos of our glowing blue Village of Cameron, please click on the above link. 

Thank you for praying with me.


  1. The blue lights are sadly beautiful. This world is surely getting more and more evil. Was there any kind of motive? How horrible. I cannot imagine the grief of his family. I like your little Lego heroes.

  2. So very horrible. My prayers go out to his family and to your town. I have a blog friend in Des Moines and two officers were murdered there this week, also.

  3. Prayers for his family and all of you that live in this community. This is a true example of how these men and women put their lives on the line to keep us safe. Praying for all of you.

  4. I have the chills and tears in my eyes. So tragic. Keeping his family and friends in my prayers. ((HUGS))

  5. Oh, how horrible. I am so sorry for you and your community. Our country is so divided, and there is such a pervasive hate for our men and women in blue and I just don't understand it. Our current leaders are remaining mum. So disappointing! Praying for your community.

  6. So sad, Carla. I literally just read an article about a cop shot and killed from my own town. My heart goes out...

  7. So sad.... I just don't have the words for the news stories the last couple days. I didn't realize how close you were to Rusk County until now. Prayers for your community.

  8. I am so sorry my friend, what a senseless tragedy. I am thinking of you and your whole town.

  9. OMGOSH- How awful. I saw that on the news and did not make the connection that it was your town. So terribly, terribly sad!!!! My heart aches for his family and his even bigger family, too- the brotherhood of offices. God bless your whole town. xo Diana


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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