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Friday, November 18, 2016

On The Road Friday ~ Black Hills, South Dakota and The Winner Is ....

 Welcome to On The Road Friday
 In September our family took a road trip to South Dakota.
We love to hike. This was a hiking adventure. 
The Black Hills were a favorite for both my boys and my husband.

 I tried to capture the twinkle of the trail. This entire path was scattered with mica.
With the sun shining down on the trail, it looked like you were walking on gold.

 My son Atticus found this face in the ground while we hiked.
Can you see a rock man?

I found this note tied to a tree ... Show me the Way ... the note was stitched on a heavy material type paper. Any ideas?

Our son Sam  found a treasure chest full of gold painted rocks when he went up to explore a cave.
Sam opened the chest and the note attached to the chest said, " Go ahead take a few gold rocks, but do not take the chest."

The Winner of Sage Leary's new album, Already There, is ...
 Beth at PlantPostings

Congratulation Beth! 

 Happy Weekend my Friends


  1. What awesome treasures you found! The Rock Man; I do see him! The little sign, and then the chest of gold rocks! What a perfect day!

  2. What a cool trip and such wonderful treasures! How exciting to find that note tied to a tree....I love things like that. The Black Hills are on my "to do" list of places to visit!! Have a wonderful weekend...love and hugs!!

  3. How fun is that...people have left surprises and treasures along the way? What a way to make the experience even neater for people that come after. Congrats to Beth, too!!

  4. Love that rock man!
    So lovely to enjoy a hiking adventure together, builds such special memories.

    Happy Weekend Wishes

    All the best Jan

    PS Congratulations to Beth

  5. What a special trip! Love the pictures.
    Congrats to Beth.
    Wishing you all a happy Thanksgiving. xo

  6. Well, you had a adventurous trip. That Rock Man really rocking :)

  7. How fabulous and fun for a great trip. Love the rock man.
    Happy Weekend.

  8. Now that sounds like a fun hike!
    Congratulations to Beth.

  9. How special of Atticus to see the details of nature. Yes, I do see the rock man. :) Love this picture of the boys, Carla. What a nice road trip you took with your family.


  10. What fun the hiking trip was. I love "Rock Man" and the chest full of "gold". We used to explore when my brother and I were kids and look for Indian arrowheads.

  11. I love hiking too, and fortunately we live in an area with an abundance of trails, but have never come across a rock man or a note! That must have been a fun day for you all!

  12. Thanks for taking us along, Carla. I love hiking but the weather is absolutely filthy around here, no fun at all for outdoor activities.

  13. Hello, Mr. Rock Man! Your sons are adorable, Carla!

  14. Extremely beautiful picture of hiking..

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  15. I see the face, and I love that Atticus found it to share! Such fun treasures you found :)

  16. What fun adventures you had with your family! You've inspired me to get back to the Black Hills again, soon. "The twinkle of the trail" -- that is nifty! You guys found some fascinating stuff along that trail. I can't believe I won the album! Thanks so much!


High Fives from Wisconsin!