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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hello November

Hello November
 November is the month of thankfulness.
Our family as created a thankful tree in years past.
I create a tree and each of us write down on a cut out leaf what we are thankful for that day. We paste it to the tree and fill the tree with colored 'what we are thankful leaves".
 We do this for the month of November.


A friend introduced me to Ann Voskamp. I like what she came up with for the month of November. I am sharing her calendar below.
If you want more information about Ann click here Ann Voskamp

Looking at Ann's calendar a few ideas grabbed my attention right away...

Give someone the benefit of the doubt.
Give someone 5 minutes when you do not think you have it.
Thank someone older and younger than you today.
Text someone Good Morning or Good Night!

How about you? Do you have a special way of celebrating November, the month to be thankful.


  1. Hope you have a beautiful November ♥

  2. That 'thankful tree' is a lovely idea, Carla. November means darker and colder nights, the smell of woodsmoke in the air, the oranges, yellows, and reds of the leaves, a little mist; and this morning, our first frost.

  3. I need to make our Thankful Tree - we do one every year! I also love that #beTheGIFT! I am pinning, thank you my friend. Have a beautiful day!

  4. Carla, your "thankful tree" is a wonderful idea. Love all the Autumn colors too. Every Thanksgiving we go around the table and each person tells what they are thankful for that year. It is a tradition we've had for many years.

    What a special post of gratitude, Carla.


  5. Hi Carla, I enjoy Ann V very much. These are great ideas. As a retired person, I try to look for ways I can be gracious to others. Many times in line at the store or restaurant, I can tell someone in line behind me is on a lunch hour and rushed for time. I often invite them to come in front of me since I am not in a hurry! When I visit and comment on blogs ..I savor each word and each photo that is shared and let the person know in the comment. We have a little neighbor who is 7. Each afternoon, she looks forward to sharing with us about her day. Her mom is afraid she bothers us but we certainly have 5 min. to give her attention. We are their only neighbors! Hopefully these small gestures make a difference in someone's day.
    I certainly appreciate your friendship and it is a joy to have met you thru blogging.
    Happy November!

  6. I love your Thankful Tree! And I like the Snn Voskamp page too. We bought her wonderful Advent book last year.

  7. I love this thankful calendar, it is full of kindness! And also you thankful tree, it is gorgeous. Is it up on your fridge?

  8. First of all, the mommy (and kindergarten teacher) in me loves that primary colored tree! We still do things like that around here, even with teens...family traditions are serious business! Secondly, what a great calendar. I am going to use it as a guide this month. What a lovely idea! : )

  9. Good morning Carla. Love your thankful tree. What a great reminder of all the wonderful beauty and blessings our lives hold. Beautiful post.

  10. I love the calendar! Such wonderful ideas :) And so easy to do if we want it to be!

  11. Love the thankful tree ...
    All good wishes for the month of November

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!