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Monday, December 27, 2010

Camp Elk River, in the Winter

We are blessed to have a camp site on the Elk River in Price County, Wisconsin. We have a great time camping in the summer and fall. The Elk River is very rocky, you can not canoe or raft, unless you have high water. You can fish, but you may get snagged on a rock. You also can River walk along the rocks, the goal being you jump from rock to rock so you don't get wet.
But this summer, the Elk was high, very high. The amount of summer rain, gave the river a new look that we have not seen in many years. We had the opportunity to raft, fish and swim.

Now the camp is a sleep, resting from another summer of little boys exploring the river shore, finding frogs and other boy treasure(sticks, rocks and bugs).
The river is not completely a sleep. It continues to move, not letting the cold of winter freeze it 100%. 

The River...always changing, yet the same.

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