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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Have your way

How often must God prove to us that He is the shepherd and we are the sheep...that he is the Vine and we are the branches, before we bow and quietly whisper, "Have Your own way, Lord"? Seems to me that if the Son of God found it necessary at the crossroad of His earthly existence to pray "not as I will, but as You will" we would be wise to use the same words often-like everyday!

Not as I will, but as You will.
Matthew 26:39 
Devotion by Charles R. Swindoll 

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  1. That is such a profound thought. Along the same line, people think that if God loves them, everything will go rosy in their lives. Then we remember Jesus going to the cross, we remember the apostles being martyred, etc. Will we really pick up our crosses and follow Him?

    thanks for giving me this thought to ponder, Carla.


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