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Friday, April 4, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ Maine, United States of America

We are on the road today to Maine.

 We did not actually go to Maine. Our friend Marv did. Our friend Marv is 85 years old. He takes two road trips each year. Texas my post about Marv's trip to Texas and frozen grapefruit  and Maine. Marv departs Wisconsin heading east for Maine in late September and comes back to Wisconsin in late October. 
He loves to tease us about ALL the yummy lobster he eats. The beautiful colors of the trees and spotting moose.
He always brings us back a treat. Grapes and grape juice from the vineyards in New York.
And a little treat for the boys, taffy.

I always tell Marv I am going to hide in the back of his truck and go along.
Maine is one of the many states I would like to visit.

How about you, have you been to Maine?
If you could pick any state to visit, which would you pick and why?

Fun Facts about Maine

Maine is the Pine Tree State.
Capital - Augusta
Motto - "Dirigo"
Flower - White pine cone and tassel
Animal - Moose
Cat - Maine Coon Cat
Insect - Honeybee
Bird - Chickadee
Fish - Landlocked Salmon
Tree - Eastern White Pine
Mineral - Tourmaline
Population - 1,200,000 estimated

The magnificent Maine coastline is thirty five hundred miles long. Two thousand islands and sixty three lighthouses reside on the Maine coast.
Maine's coast is internationally renowned for it's shellfish harvest, in which over 30 million pounds of lobster are harvested annually. Live lobster are a dark brownish green color and turn red when cooked. The cooking heat masks the other pigments in the shell, leaving only the red background color.


  1. Lining in Montreal - we go to Maine quite often - it's gorgeous !!! ( it's only an hour or so away from us )
    And I've had the saltwater taffy too lol
    Happy weekend !

  2. NEver been to Maine, but I bet it's beautiful in the Fall, when the leaves change color. One day I would like to visit California, as I hear the land and weather is similar to Italy

  3. That Marv really gets around! I've been to Maine once, on our way back from Quebec. Quite the experience. It is beautiful. If I could pick any state to visit besides Indiana and Texas and Montana Minnesota and Colorado (the family), it would be Massachusetts. I loved it. Loved Boston!

  4. Sounds like a trip well worth taking.


  5. I've never been to Maine but I've been to a lot of the New England states. It's somewhere I'd love to visit! I really want to see Oregon!

  6. I've never been to Maine and I think it would be a wonderful place to visit too.
    since I'm in Canada I would like to start in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, or Nova Scotia and work my way down the Eastern Coast!

  7. I have been to Northern Maine with its many magnificent moose and had fantastic lobster over there. Michigan has the longest freshwater coastline at 3126 miles and I have travelled most of it...even live by one of the coasts. Love it! What an adventerer Marv is at his his...hope I can be like him at that age. Janice

  8. Hello Carla...I love this blog post because you describe Maine via your friend "Marv" and it's exactly the way it is. Lots of lobster, pine trees and yes moose and wonderful wildlife. It is so picturesque here and Yes...I've been to Maine and now I live here in retirement. Everyday is like a new adventure, a vacation so to speak because there are so many wonderful state parks and rocky coastline and beautiful farm land to see...the landscape along the ocean is so awesome. You should hop in the back of that truck and head for Maine the next time Marv heads out here. You will not regret it...except....make sure you come in the summer or fall so you can enjoy the warm weather before the snow flies again. Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words. Hugs - Kathy

  9. What a great friend you have! We have not been to any of the northeast states, but I do so want to visit! There is history every where you visit, but the history in that part of the country interests me so much! Maybe some day!

  10. We did a New England road trip in 2004 to see the leaves. We spent a memorable night in Ogunquit, Maine watching the Red Sox beat the Yankees for the American League pennant. Maine was beautiful in the fall.

    Thanks for the sweet words on my blog.


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