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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What to do with Frozen Grapefruit

 Our friend Marv travels to Texas for the winter. For the past three years he comes back the first week of March. He always has his truck full of goodies. He stays in Rockport, Texas and likes to travel to the Citrus Farms during is stay. He usually calls us while he is sitting on the beach, enjoying a fresh grapefruit and 80 degrees.

On his way home this year, he got stranded in Cameron, Missouri. 
He has a enclosed truck topper and even brought along an electric heater to keep the fruit warm. Sadly, it got so cold all of the grapefruit he brought back to Cameron, Wisconsin froze.

He called while stranded in Cameron, Missouri. We had a little chuckle about that. He said "I am in Cameron." I said " You are home, YAY!" 
"Nope, I am in Cameron, Missouri."

I told him never fear, I have an idea on how to save the grapefruit. I juiced it. I juiced 2 huge bags of grapefruit. 
I placed the juice in wide mouth quart canning jars and froze it. 
Just the other day I pulled one out to thaw to serve for breakfast.

Marv was so happy I was able to use the grapefruit.
For more stories about Marv, click here 

Have you ever saved a food that you thought you would have to toss?
Do you like grapefruit?


  1. Carla, that was genius! I'm wishing for a sip. =)

  2. That was SO SMART, Carla! Good for you!

  3. I love grapefruit but can't eat it due to my cholesterol medicine. That is great that you figured out a way not to waste the fruit.

  4. Grapefruit juice sounds wonderful! What a nice gift and you were smart to juice it. I love that you froze it in canning jars! How convenient!

  5. A very good idea, after all it's almost like the frozen concentrate that you would buy in the store, but so much better.



High Fives from Wisconsin!

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