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Monday, July 14, 2014

Deer in the Garden

Yes, we have deer in the garden. So far they have not eaten anything. We just find their tracks along the gardens edge.
 Our trick of keeping the deer out of our garden has been Marv's Deer Solution or as my husband calls it, Marv's Deer Juice. He also drew the fun deer on the jug. Our boys just laugh and laugh when they look at dad's art work. :-)

If you have deer trouble in your yard or garden, try the following recipe. It has worked well for us.

Marv's Deer Solution

1 cup milk
2 eggs
1 TBSP dish detergent
1 TBSP cooking oil

Add everything (except dish soap) whip on high in blender. Let settle, add dish soap, put into a gallon jug, fill remaining with water. Let solution sit in the sun to get stinky.
Spray plants and watch the deer walk past.
You must spray again after a rain and the plants are dry.

Do you have a deer solution that works for you?



  1. I will pass this recipe onto my brother in law who lives in an area with deer and other creatures.

  2. I'll share this with good friends in the North Georgia mountains!!
    The deer eat EVERYTHING!!
    Just hope the stickiness doesn't keep the butterflies away!!

  3. I need to try this!!!! Thank you for the recipe..my artwork is on par with Marv's!

  4. Sounds like a good tip! What we do instead is to have acres of alfalfa between the woods where they live and my garden (which I hope they continue to leave alone!). I guess the thing is, they get such tasty treats they don't need to hop the fence to my garden. Knock on wood. - Love the artwork. It's how Picasso started.

  5. I've used a similar recipe the last couple years (same ingredients just different amounts). It works - it has saved my tulips! Don't spray it on the food you will pick to eat, spray around it. Some friends hangs Irish Spring bars of soap and that works for them. They also make it hard to get at the veggies - (for them too). He puts wire, garden tools and anything to make a maze to get through to the plants. Laying chicken wire down flat helps too. The deer don't want to walk on it but it is a pain to move it so I can mow the lawn.

  6. I have to tell my parents about this. They work really hard on their yard, and the deer tear it up!

  7. I admit to giggling when I saw the "deer" artwork on the jug!
    Thanks for the recipe.

  8. Good idea. We have a few deer wander through the neighborhood, but they don't do much damage.

  9. So far we only have a deer that thinks it owns the road...my husband almost ran into it this morning on his run...lol.

    You should pin that to Pinterest,.it sounds like a great hint.

    Thanks for all of the kind thoughts they are very much appreciated.


  10. This is brilliant, I have tried life boy soap, and that did not make a difference at all. I have tried human hair after cutting my boys hair, that works for a day. I am printing this off, thank you.

  11. Love the drawing! Sounds like a great deer stay away recipe..we do not have a problem with the deer in our area. Do you have a recipe for getting rid of snakes Janice

  12. Thanks for the recipe - I'll try it.

  13. It's been a constant battle at our cabin, I've pinned this and will have to try it:-)

  14. Just found your blog. And thanks for the deer juice recipe. Anything is worth a try. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  15. That's a useful recipe. Unfortunately, we are too deep in the city to ever spot a deer.

  16. We are in the city too -- but last week we were driving out in the suburbs not too far away and were shocked that two dear trotted out on the road and one stood right in the way for the longest time before it finally wondered off. I was so worried it was going to get hit.

  17. I have never heard of this. Good idea!

  18. Google “This Old House Deer Repellant”. Their recipe is better and last for 30 days with two rains. It has eggs, garlic, hot sauce, soap, water and scallions. Easy to make too. It will make five gallon at one time and you let it sit for two weeks then it is ready. It is like Liquid Fence and only smells when your first spray the plants.


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