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Monday, November 17, 2014

Hunting in Wisconsin

Hunting in Wisconsin is a very important part of Wisconsin life. Many young men and women start at a young age learning from parents and grandparents.
My dad was a great hunter. He enjoyed many different types of hunting. 
He would have my sister and I tag along many a time.
For me the time in the woods was what was special. And time with my dad.

 Bird hunting is a favorite of my husband. 
He is sharing his enjoyment of bird hunting and the woods with our boys.

 My Grandpa's Deer Hunting Back Tags.

 Enjoying the woods and nature.

Trying out duck hunting with Uncle Josh.

 Hunter's Education
Hunter's Education is a great program. It is not just for hunting. It is also to help feel comfortable with firearms and ethical hunting.

Wisconsin Deer Season is just around the corner. It is a busy time for the State and many families.

Do you have hunters in your family?
Do you have a favorite hunting memory?



  1. For me I'm a "No Hunting" type of person. I love animals way too much to hunt them for food or pleasure.

  2. My dad never hunted or fished. My husband and his dad did though (in upper MI)
    Love your photos.

  3. My boys grew up learning to hunt. It's good for them and teaches them important lessons. 2 of my sons still like to hunt....deer mostly. I love your photos! Enjoy your afternoon! Hugs!

  4. I can see how you would enjoy the beauty of the woods and the special times with your Dad. We are'nt hunters but one of the men at church went to Colorado recently and got an elk. This is good hunting weather I guess! Hope your week is blessed.

  5. I remember going rabbit hunting with my Dad when I was young. I don't like the idea of killing animals for sport, but in parts of New Zealand, there are a lot of deer, rabbits and possums, that cause a lot of damage to the environment, so I guess it helps control the numbers.

  6. I'm not a hunter, but many members of my family are...and my Dad. This really brings back memories.


  7. No hunters in our family but my Dad "thought" he might like to hunt when I was a kid and got a fancy bow and arrow that sat in our garage. My 1st boyfriend was an avid hunter though and loved it. You have some great pictures!

  8. No hunters..I was always terrified of them too! We'd dress in brightly colored hats and coats when visiting my grandma in Vermont. I think it's great the kids get properly trained in safety.

  9. I hunted pheasants grouse and waterfowl from the time I left the Twin Cities for teaching in Bluff Country till about ten years ago. Lots of fond memories and stories but the best part was drawing my two sons into the outdoor life of hunting, fishing and wilderness canoeing.... I gave up hunting at a time when walking on uneven ground was risky with a gimpy knee. That's fixed now but nature photography has replaced it and is equally satisfying. :)

  10. My dad was a hunter many many years ago, and one year got himself quite the trophy buck! More recent years, he has tried to go out, but ends up watching and just enjoying the animals. My husband went deer hunting for his FIRST time ever last year, and really enjoyed it. I am hoping he goes again this year! I LOVE venison :)

  11. Hi Carla,
    I am not a hunter except at Home Goods or TJ Maxx for a sale lol! Since your family is into hunting I think it is great that you all learn safety and handling of guns. Great outdoor pics.

  12. Hunting is an important part of the culture here in the West, too. Whole families camp out and hunt together. And lots and lots of women hunt here. These people hunt and fish to provide food for their families. I was raised on a farm where animals were raised for food, and we did a lot of fishing. My dad and brothers hunted pheasants every fall with the neighbors, and then we all got together for an annual pheasant dinner. It was a wonderful tradition. Good post, Carla.


High Fives from Wisconsin!