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Friday, November 21, 2014

On The Road Friday ~ Blue Hills, Wisconsin

We are on the road today. We are off for our first ski trip of the 2014 - 2015 ski season!

I know many of you do not like Winter. No worries, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this ski inside.

Off we go.

 My ski buddy!
We all have orange hats on because it is hunting season here in Wisconsin.
This is the first time we have ever had enough snow to ski in November. I keep a ski journal, so it was exciting to write a 2014 November entry.

 The ski trail was getting a lot of use!
We skied in the Blue Hills, in Rusk County. They have a beautiful trail system and it is well maintained. They have a log cabin warming house for all to stop in and warm up. 

 November sunshine! I will take it! I have read that November is Wisconsin's cloudiest month.

 My favorite Winter shoes!

It is good to be out. Working those muscles.

 My skiing hubby!

"We skied in November!"

We enjoyed a great day of snow, sun and skiing.

And so did you.  

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. This is my kind of ski day - warm indoors in front of the computer! Beautiful photos. Fun to get to record this rare Nov. ski day in your journal. Hope you guys enjoy the weekend.

  2. How wonderful. Glad you had the orange hats. Enjoy.

  3. I have never done cross country skiing. I imagine you get a work out. The scenery looks beautiful.

    We bought season passes at June Mountain again this year after 5 years with no passes. We need snow now!

  4. Looks fun and so clean and white. Does this mean you may have a long cold winter though?

  5. I'm reading this and rereading ..... snow? November?? enough to ski in? WOW!! It looks beautiful but I don't know if I'm ready for skiing yet. Maybe in a month or so I'll be more fully accepting of this winter thing.

  6. Thanks for taking me skiing while I sipped tea, had a cookie and stayed warm and cozy ~loved the view !

  7. So glad you enjoyed your ski trip. I enjoyed gazing at yur pics in my toasty home. Have a great weekend! Janice

  8. You are making wonderful memories, I love that! Great pics!

  9. I Love that you love winter! I really want to try snow shoeing. I think that might be something I can get into, less balance required :) SOOOO interesting that November is our cloudiest month, I had never heard that, but thinking about it, it does seem right! Enjoy your day... husband just left for hunting!

  10. I loved xcountry the best thoughn when both my knees functioned downhill was enjoyed too....:)

  11. My husband always tries to talk me into going skiing. I'll just enjoy it through your pictures, from the comfort of my heated home!

  12. I love that trail. I'm hoping to get my boys to come with me this winter.

  13. Lovely shots of a fun day!


High Fives from Wisconsin!