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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Prayers for Texas

 2012 we visited our family that lives in Texas.
We attended the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.
The following photos are from the rodeo in 2012.

 If you have followed The River for awhile, you know the story of my garden mentor Marv, who is 89 years old. He lives alone, gardens and travels to Rockport, Texas to his cabin each November.  Marv has been the subject of many posts here at The River, from the little tricks he likes to play on me and my boys at the Community Garden. His recipe for Deer Out and other garden tricks he has shared with me.
At this time, Marv has not been able to connect with his friends and neighbors in Rockport. He has dear friends who live year around in Rockport. Marv comes to stay in his cabin in Wisconsin during the summer months.

As he waits to hear news, we are trying our best to cheer him up.

Our family that lives in Texas are fine. They received rain, lots of rain, but they are doing well.




  1. I sure hope Marv's friends are OK.Prayers for the people of Texas and Louisiana and for those who are threatened by Irma. I'm glad your family in Texas is safe.

    We have friends who lives in North Dallas but we don't know if they are flooded or not. They have a beautiful new house.

    Take care Carla.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Praying for all those people and for the ones who may be affected by Irma.

  3. I am so glad your lived ones and Marv are all well. I hope Marv hears from his friends and neighbors very soon, he must be worried sick! Now Florida is bracing for a hurricane. Your pictures of the show are gorgeous!!!

  4. It was nice to see your photographs.

    I am pleased to read you loved ones are well. I do hope that Marv makes contact with his friends soon.
    Sending thoughts and prayers for all those affected by Harvey and who may also be affected by Irma.

    All the best Jan

  5. Yes, thanks for the reminder. Texas needs our continued prayers and financial aid. I'll pray for Marv, too, bless his heart. We were so happy our extended family in Houston left town and went to Norman, Ok to visit daughter/granddaughter who's a college student there. They called and let us know where they were. They're back now, and they were blessed not to have sustained any damage on their homes.

  6. Yes, prayers for Texas! Prayers for your friend Marv too! It's easy to forget about these people when the news cycle turns but they are very much still experiencing it and rebuilding. My dear friend lives in Florida, they are scared and evacuating tomorrow. Such a scary time! Praying for our country!

  7. So much and so many to pray for right now. I have friends and family in LA and Oregon where fires they are battling massive fires. Friends in Texas and family in Florida. They just all seem so personal. Scary...Glad that your family and Mary are safe though.

  8. Most of my vacation memories from childhood are from trips to Texas, including Houston. The beautiful beaches near Galveston. So sad what they are going through. And the fires out west? Heart breaking.

  9. Glad to hear your family is safe. Nice shots.

  10. Has Marv been able to connect with his Texas friends yet? It's good he has you guys to cheer him up. The weather has been so scary lately, now prayers for Florida, the coast and the Caribbean.

  11. Glad that your family and Mary are safe though.


  12. So thankful that all your family made it through the hurricane Harvey okay. My sister lived 30 minutes north of Port Lavaca, and thankfully had no damage to her home. I hope Marv has been able to find out how his cabin fared in Rockport. My brother's boss lives in Rockport. The town was totally devastated by the hurricane. So thankful not many lives were lost though. The flooding in Houston was so horrible And now Hurricane Irma's damages. So much to pray for! Hugs :)

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