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Monday, February 26, 2018

Upper Pennisula of Michigan .. Snow and Cross Country Ski Trails

 This year we decided to do something different. We rented a cabin in the UP of Michigan and tried out as many ski trails as we could. We were at the tip top of the UP, Copper Harbor Michigan.

Our journey up to the UP was a "white knuckler" that is what we call driving in a snow storm.
Wisconsin and the UP use SALT on the roads when we have ice and snow. All though it does a number on the vehicle I am happy because it clears my way. I give major "HIGH FIVES" to all the County Plow Crews!

This is how they measure snow in the UP!

Keweenaw Snow Report and U.P. Weather
2017-2018 Snowfall - 245" season to date

 It was snowing during our first ski! 
Me and my oldest, Sam.
We are on Swedetown Trails.

Swedetown has been a trail system I have wanted to ski for many years. Along the way, I found a pine cone and put it in my pocket. My souvenir from Swedetown. 

 You never know what you might find on the trail.

Time to warm up! We had some chilly days. We stopped in Roy's Pasties and Bakery for a sweet treat and coffee.
Two Hoots Too Trail

 Tolkien Trails at MTU
Our boys are huge fans of Lord of the Rings. This was fun to ski Hobbit Loop and others.

Do you see the face?

My souvenir!  


  1. Such cold beauty! I bet you want to go back! I think my favorite picture is the next to last, with the snow shadows being almost blue. I do see the face on the tree, so cute! He looks quite unhappy from the cold. All the tall trees in the snow are beautiful. What a great picture of you! You look freezing but happy!

  2. Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine being there! It's beautiful! I love the picture of you and your son. I do see the face in the tree stump, and those tall pines in the snow!

  3. I’m jealous! Looks so beautiful and fun! So much snow!

  4. Thanks for sharing about your trip. I've been to Copper Harbor and remember seeing a snow gauge like that. What a great time for you and your family.

  5. This looks like it was a great family trip. I love the photos.Thanks for sharing!!

  6. What a wonderful trip. I love how adventures you are as a family all together. So sweet. Love the shadows you caught in the one pic. Beautiful.
    Hugs and Happy New Week.

  7. Beautiful country, how lucky you are to visit and I love the fact that you guys go as a family. Nothing better.

  8. Wonderful pictures!! I've never been skiiing... I'd probably break my leg with my luck, lol. Love that you brought the pinecone home :-) Special family memories for sure!


  9. I’ve never been skiing, but it must be a great feeling gliding along. Beautiful pictures of the snow, it all looks so fresh and clean xx

  10. One of our favorite places to go -usually in Summer or Fall though. We love Houghton/Hancock and Calumet all the way up through there. Did you ever swing by the monk's bakery (The Jam Pot)? It is only open from late Spring until mid October. It is on the lower road between Eagle Harbor and Copper Harbor. Worth the visit!!!

    Glad you had fun- xo Diana

  11. IT looks so cold but so beautiful. I love the UP, such a great place to visit.

  12. 245"?? I can't imagine! We get so little snow the past couple years, if we had half of that I would in shock! A blog friend lives somewhere up in the UP, and it is amazing the pictures she shares of the snow in her yard. So close, but so different!

  13. I love the Florida sign, that's really cute! I remember that salt on the cars very well. I always take a pine cone home from our trips. Roy's looks like a great place to stop. It is a beautiful place and I do see the face!

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High Fives from Wisconsin!