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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Cut Flower Tips and Tricks ~ Meet Me in the Garden

Assembling a bouquet of flowers from your own garden gives great pleasure. We get to appreciate the plants in a new way as we put together a unique bouquet.
 Meet Me in the Garden 

This July I helped with the Meet Me in the Garden workshop that the North Country Master Gardener Volunteers put on each summer. I presented a Cut Flower Tips and Tricks workshop.

 I shared tips for heading out to the garden to harvest flowers to create your own lovely bouquets.
Having clean buckets, tools and vases are key to helping a fresh cut flower bouquet with vase life.
When heading outside to cut your flowers, bring a bucket filled with water with you. Placing your flowers in water as soon as you cut them helps with vase life.
Try to cut in the cool of the day.. morning or evening.

 After Care ~ Bouquet Care Tips

Keep bouquets filled with water
Place flowers away from direct sunlight
Cut fresh stems when changing the water

I used the following book as a resource to put my presentation together ..

the book is full of fabulous advice and lovely photography.

I enjoyed the event and I am getting more comfortable presenting in front of others.


  1. That would have been such a great session to attend! You look like a garden fairy! So much great information!

  2. I agree with Heather, you look like a beautiful garden fairy! How fun for you, my friend. Wish I could have been there. Hugs!

  3. Oh I wish I could have been there but this is next best! You don't look nervous at all, you look very relaxed and happy and so naturally beautiful, just as I pictured you would! And the more you accept personal appearances the more comfortable you'll be--says me who would quake in my shoes doing it. I saw where another blog friend, Angela of Parisienne Farmgirl, is making appearances in 3 libraries in her new home area in Door County. I love it when blog friends spread their wings and accept new challenges.

  4. I love this advice. I had thought you should always put a bouquet in direct sun, like they get outside. Silly me, now I know! But best of all, I love seeing YOU! You are really a local authority on all flower things.

  5. Sweet! It's so nice to see you in your photos. :)

  6. You are so talented. Enjoyed the photos.

  7. How smart you are! And I'm sure everyone enjoyed it. Oh....and I think you have my apron on! I wear one just like that! Hugs!

  8. Here it is bedtime and I decided to take a quick look and saw your sweet post. You are adorable there among the flowers and wearing a little apron...simply adorable! You are so good at being a Master Gardner. You always look like you really enjoy being there. Love, Henny

  9. That would have been a fun class. So nice to see the sun. Can't wait for my summer garden.

  10. This is so sweet Carla. You are such a beautiful garden angel and to share with others had to be so fun for you and for them. So happy you are getting opportunities to share your talents with others.
    Happy Thursday.

  11. You look wonderful, right in your niche! That makes me so happy to see :)
    The book sounds delightful, I will look for it.

  12. Look at you, all adorable smiles in the garden! This is clearly where you belong...wish I lived closer so I could've attended.

  13. If I were near I'd have come!
    Lovely post …

    All the best Jan

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