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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Time to Fly

Here we are .. the count down is on. One Sunday left before Sam leaves for Basic training.
Here comes the honesty .. I cried last Sunday. Last Sunday Sam was at Drill. When he came home I was hit with the true fact, we only have two Sunday's left with him, and as of today only one.

I cried. I hugged Sam and cried some more. I told him, you just have to let your little ol'  mom cry a little and she will be alright. I cried some more. In fact for some reason I could not really turn it off. 
Some of this has to do with looking at baby photos and working on a project to give to Sam before he leaves. It goes so fast, I just kept saying that to myself.
Then I pulled myself together, it does go fast. We have made wonderful memories along the way. The baby years .. filled with diapers, spit up and giggles. The toddler years, exploring everything, loving trucks and dinosaurs.  The early school years, filled with projects, friends and exploring. The teen years .. learning to drive, that first job and becoming more independent.

This week will be a special week for us, the last week with Sam before he heads off. It will be 10 weeks of letters and after that we will be able to visit, call and write the next 21 weeks he is doing his Individual Training. I am sure I will have up and down days until I get use to the empty chair at the dinner table, the empty bed in the bedroom and the way he greets me "Hey MOM" when he comes home from work.

I am excited for him to fly! I am proud him! I know He has got this!


  1. I would be a basket cast too and crying all of the time. Just remember it takes a special person to do what he is doing. Without men and women like him, our freedoms might be in jeopardy. I am so proud of him as a citizen of this fine country. Janice

  2. Strength, Carla😘Just remember that every mother (and father) go through this moment of giving our young ones the chance to try out tgeir wings on their own. So you are not alone. That won’t make it easier, but it might help you remember that your kids need the freedom to be adults just like you and your husband. Entering that new “world” comes with lots of risks, and your son has chosen his. May his and our world stay safe from harm for many years to come. Wish him the best of everything from a mother who surrendered a baby 48 years ago and gave another child his wings to fly high 16 years ago. They both have done amazingly well without my “hovering.” Heads up❣️Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  3. Oh Carla, I can only imagine how you are feeling, the pride and love mixed with already missing him and his presence in your home. You have done a wonderful job in raising this fine young man. And he'll be leaving on the wings of your prayers. And you are so right, He has got this! Love to you, Dewena

  4. Sending you hugs and strength, Carla and wonderful wishes for a fabulous week together. Several friends just sent their boys off to bootcamp and are going through withdrawal right now, it's so hard when you can't talk to your baby. May those first 10 weeks fly by and may Jeremy keep you laughing when you're feeling blue! Congratulations Sam!!

  5. It's never easy when the young leave home … for them or us!
    Sending my good wishes to you, Sam and all the family.

    All the best Jan

  6. I think any good mom would be crying buckets! I know you are so supportive of him once he has made his decision though. You raised a wonderful son who made a brave and meaningful life choice! Keep in prayer for him, and know that God is always watching and leading.

  7. I can totally understand! To be honest, I cry every time Cameron comes to visit for a week, when he leaves to go back to NJ. (He is 32) I will keep your family in my prayers this coming week. God will give you His peace.

  8. Carla, Please hug your sweet son for me. Thank him too. Any mother who has seen her children leave home for school, service or just to be on their own...knows your heart is aching. Praying for all of you. Be strong honey. Blessings to all, xoxo, Susie

  9. Carla you have done well with Sam. He is going to make a difference in this world of ours. I know this is so hard when they fly the nest. I have been where you are twice in my life with my two daughters. All I will say is the tears will dry and the heartache will lesson and then the smiles and proud momma will begin. Both my daughters have become such wonderful adults. They are giving so much back to this world of ours. This is when it pays off. You will see them become good human beings, good wife/husbands, wonderful moms/dads and they will make a difference in so many peoples lives with what they chose to do for careers. You will get through this rough beginning of letting go. I promise the best is yet to come. I wish I lived closer to give you a real hug. For now except my virtual hug.

  10. Carla, my heart hearts! What a sweet summary of these past years and you’re right, it goes by in a blink. It sneaks up on you outta nowhere. This one is a biggie, this one will take time. I am thinking of you and sending you A HUGE hug! 💕💕💕

  11. My heart aches for you. ((HUGS)) You know that you, your son and your family are all in my prayers.

  12. Oh Carla... You should be so proud of him. You and Jeremy have raised an amazing young man. I'm sure this is an emotional week filled with smiles, laughter, and some more tears, but I know you will treasure every moment!

  13. Being a parent is bittersweet so often. Of course you are proud of him, rightly so, but doing a good job means at some point they will leave the nest. Of course it will hurt and you will miss him but think of how lovely it will be when you get to see him again.

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