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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Midwest Boy and Hurricane Florence and a Little Crafting

Leinenkugel's .. Bucky Badger .. Wisconsin National Guard
Hello Friends,
My plan was to post a new eggplant recipe.

Here I am giving you another update on Sam. Never did I think of a Hurricane as we prepared to have Sam head off to Basic.
Sunday was the last time we actually spoke to Sam. He was able to call and say goodbye to us, share his mailing address with us and off he went on to Basic. 

On Monday morning at 2am in the morning Sam called one last time to say they were heading out to Basic. " Love you mom, see you at graduation!"


We are Midwest folks. Tornado's are in our vocabulary, not hurricane. I have no idea. I have been looking at the map, tracking the storm and praying. Our nation does not need another storm.

On Wednesday the National News had on that South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia were in a State of Emergency with some counties needing to evacuate.  

Fort Jackson is located two hours from the coast of South Carolina. 
I started to wonder .. alright .. worry .. just what will Fort Jackson do?

I saw that Fort Jackson had cancelled all events for the upcoming graduating class for this weekend.  I also read a report from the Commander on Base explaining what preparations where being made for the soldiers, citizens and trainees on Base.

Wednesday night we received a call and text from Sam. 
I appreciate the military letting the trainees call parents and give us an update on  preparations for the hurricane.


So this Midwestern boy sends his parents the above text ..

and all the necessary preparations have been made for us to survive.

Yep.. that is my boy!

We are praying for all in the eye of storm.

 And a Little Crafting ..
We visited a Military Surplus store and I found the following patches. The following patches are the ones that Sam will have on his Wisconsin National Guard Uniform. 
I wanted to make up something for family to put on the fridge, use for a bookmark or put on the bulletin board to remember to pray for Sam.

 Thank you for your prayers.
Thank you for letting me share these little updates with you. I am blessed with this world of blog friends. I appreciate you letting me share my stories with you.



  1. Carla, I am praying for your Sam and all in the storm's path. This is a scary thing to be put on you right of the bat. If the powers let your son call now, they surely will once the storm hits shore. Blessings and hugs for you Carla, don't be frighten honey. xoxo,Susie

  2. I'm so glad you are giving us updates. My husband and I are both praying for Sam and I'm saying special prayers for you too my friend. I know how we worry....mothers with sons! Let us know how he is when you hear! Sweet sweet hugs, Diane

  3. Thanks for the update. I hope Sam stays safe and you hear from him after Florence.

  4. I was so glad to hear he is alright. And you know they are the best prepared around, they are the ones that others turn to for help! They take care of their guys! He will be safe with the others and their trainers. Praying that things do not even get that bad, and that he will remain safe. Please keep us posted!

  5. Carla, this is the sweetest post!! What a sweet boy Sam is. I'm so glad they let him call home. Thank you for sharing his message with us.

  6. Oh Carla, We never cease to worry about our kids and their safety and well-being no matter how old they are and/or how well they are prepared for any and all emergencies.
    God bless your boyo----praying for him and for YOUR peace of mind- xo Diana

  7. I am so thankful you heard from him. Carla. I did not remember that he is in SC. I have a son in VA in the mountains, and sister Mildred will likely be affected by the storm in GA. Praying with you for all affected.

  8. i too had a son named sam however we lost him 17 yrs ago he did however leave us a grandson sam the 6th and today he gave us a great grandson sam the7th.i have just found your blog what river do you live on? i was brough up on the red ceder at rice lake now live near the chippewa river near bruce.please e mail me would like to know more about you if you leave near

  9. Thanks so much for the update! He's learning lessons at basic training he probably wasn't expecting. Hugs and prayers, sweet friend!

  10. Oh Carla this start to his military journey has not been an easy one. Now the hurricane. He is going to not need basic training. He has already turned in to a man with all he has had to deal with just to get there. Now the hurricane in their path. Yikes. I know they will be safe on the base. They have those bases so reinforced for almost any disaster. So he is probably in the safest place he could be out there. Prayers. I wish I could come by and hug you. I know you are worried.

  11. That is pretty nice that he is to call and text. I am keeping an eye on Sam's location with every update I see. It looks like they are doing really well. My friends in that area are all having positive updates! Thankful that Sam was not sent to a coastal location!

  12. You all are definitely in my prayers. I love the text from Sam to his dad. I hope they are still hunkered down and staying safe. I know they are prepared!

  13. Carla, I'm so glad that they let them contact their parents. I bet you breathed a great sigh of relief. If anyone is prepared for the storm, you know they are, but it's good to hear it from him directly. Prayers to and for all of you. Hang in there mama!! xoxo

  14. I will pray for Sam. How comforting that he's able to check in with you to let you know he's OK. Please thank him for his service. :)

  15. I am so thankful you heard from him, and that is such a good idea … phone call and text.
    What a relief for you when you heard from him.


    All the best Jan

  16. So glad that you was able to keep in touch with you. What a scary thing for a mother's heart to go through. I'm assuming he is safe. Keeping everyone in my prayers. It is heartbreaking to see all the damage.

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