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Monday, November 5, 2018

TBB ASKS ~ November

1. Have you ever kept a Gratitude Journal?

Yes, I did it once for myself. 
When the boys were in Middle School we all participated in writing in a Gratitude Journal for one month of the year.

2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house?

We will be enjoying Thanksgiving just the three of us this year. We will just be arriving home Wednesday before Thanksgiving from our road trip to Fort Jackson / Fort Gordon. 
It will be the first time I have missed Thanksgiving at the farm. It is also the first Thanksgiving with out our oldest son who will graduate from Fort Jackson on November 15th and we will be taking him to report to duty at Fort Gordon on November 19th. 

~ Giddy for Christmas because Sam will be able to come home for a leave from Fort Gordon and we all can go to the farm together to visit my parents. ~
3. Favorite Food from the Thanksgiving Meal?

My mom makes the best stuffing!

4. What one thing in Nature are you most grateful for?


5. Pumpkin Pie: Yes or No?

6. Traditional Cookbook:

Yes! Betty Crocker 

7. Oven Baked or Deep-Fried Turkey?

 Oven Baked
8. Thanksgiving Leftovers: Yes or No?

Turkey sandwich with cranberries and cold stuffing!!

9. What is one household product you are most grateful for?


10. Are you most grateful for home cooked meals or restaurant meals?

Home cooked and eaten with the company of  family and friends!


  1. Our Thanksgiving will be small this year, too. Just us...no extended family. As the kids grow, I guess we hav etc make new traditions.

  2. These are really fun. It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner!

  3. This is the most iconic cookbook! My grandmother gave me one when I got married. I'll have to try that turkey and stuffing sandwich!!

  4. Love your answers Carla! I've read several of these today and it is so interesting to see everyone's responses! We never know from one year to the next what our plans will be for the holidays...we just have to wing it and be prepared! :-) Love and hugs!

  5. Great answers Carla. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hugs, Julia

  6. Love all your answers Carla. I think a quiet Thanksgiving will be good and you can rejoice when Sam can be home for Christmas and you can celebrate at the Farm. So happy you will be leaving soon to meet up with him for graduation. Safe travels when you head out.

  7. I enjoyed your answers. I love trees, fall leaves. summer shade and spring blossoms.

  8. So glad you participated in this!!! It will be a different Thanksgiving for us too without our youngest!! Going to a family dinner with all of the hubby's side of the gang. I'm excited for Christmas too!!

  9. Lovely shot of the trees in snow!

  10. Yes to ALL of this! I love the shot of trees! Also, isn’t that the quintessential Thanksgiving sandwich? I’m thinking of you and your family reuniting SOON! It’s goubg to be an amazing reunion!

  11. I enjoyed your answers.
    I love trees :)

    All the best Jan

  12. Glad your going to Fort Jackson/Fort Gordon. Yes to pumpkin pie and I love traditional cook books too. I have a few other friends who do this meme and I've done it once before. I like it!

  13. I love that picture of the trees! So very neat.
    That is great that you will get to have your whole family together for Christmas.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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