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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Hanging in There!

Hello Friends,

Are you hanging in there? 

It is not easy to stay positive during these times, that is the honest truth.

My friend Anne of  My Giant Strawberry

recently shared a few ideas to help one stay focused. We can get sucked into the watching and reading of the news.. having it suck our positive feelings right out of us. Using Anne's questions, I am sharing some of my ways that help me stay positive.

1. How do you want to feel?

Work on ways that help you get to that feeling. Avoid the negative or at least try to expose yourself to less of the negative. 

Remember the little things that make us smile in a day. 

This afternoon we went for a walk along the Red Cedar river, we have not seen the sun in weeks. What joy to have the sun dancing on the river this afternoon.

A ray of sunshine on the floor. A kitty curled up on your lap, purring. A phone call or text message.

2. How do I want to make others feel?

This week I am delivering Meals on Wheels. I do not want to add worry.. so I never talk about negative current events with our participants. I will share what I saw on my drive, a deer, or squirrel or if people are ice fishing on the lake. If they have a pet I will ask about the pet. One of our participants has a huge Amaryllis blooming, we talk about the size of the flowers.

3. Can we make the world a better place? Little old me?

I think I can do my part to spread JOY where I can. That is why I love having my Flower Shack  full of flowers during the garden season. If you are new to The River, I sell fresh cut flowers. It brings me great joy to grow the flowers and share them. What I love most is when I receive feedback from my customers. During 2020 I had so many people share "I am so happy you are open, it is something normal." 

4. What are you struggling with and can you let go of what is making you struggle?

I struggle with fear. 

I have to let it go.. or it will control me.

Afraid for our National Guard son and his teammates as they continue to do all they can to protect during this time of terrible unrest. 

Afraid of what is happening to our country and what my young men's future will look like.

These are just a few of the fears that have taken hold of me these early weeks of January. I have to chase those fears away. I have to concentrate on, how do I want to feel? I want to feel happy. I want to do my best to spread JOY. I want my boys to see a brave mom who keeps doing what she can to make the world a better place.


There are two ways of spreading light ~ to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.

Edith Whartom



  1. A thought provoking post today. You always bring me joy when I read your post. It's always positive.
    I always want to bring joy and hope to people who are down.

    I also have fears but I've learn that I can give my fears to Jesus otherwise it will grow to be unmanageable... Fears are not from God. Jesus said "Be Not Afraid". I pray a lot for God's help... and I put my trust in Him and he strengthen me. I know as I age, I'm getting physically weaker because of the law of nature but he strengthens my faith so I can go on hoping.

    I pray a lot for my own family and friends. God has a plan to rescue us but we don't know the time. I also pray to Mary our heavenly mother for her help.

    I try not to listen the main stream news but it reaches my ears as my husband has hearing loss and he turns up the volume. He's a news junkie.lol.

    Better share the light than curse the darkness.

    Have a great day, stay positive and caring.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. Carla, I smiled when I read number 3, how can we make the world a better place, because you are one of the most positive bloggers I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming friends with. This is a great list, and we all need uplifting words right now. I don't have a lot of fears, but I do have worries....worries about this and that. And it sounds like your fears may be just your worries. But let us try not to worry together. God is watching out over us, and I thank you for being a positive light in this world.

    love you,

    ps.....you are a brave mom, and your boys can clearly see that. : )

  3. I struggle with fear also. You are handling things so well, with trying to stay positive, and also helping others and lifting them up!

  4. Such a positive post Carla, especially when I know how concerned you must be about your National Guard son. Thank you.

  5. Hope your son remains safe. I try not to watch a lot of news lately either. This country I love so much is in so much turmoil. I hope we can get past all of this and move on. I struggle with fear daily just hoping that our small businesses survive all of this. Thanks for this inspiring post. Janice

  6. Dear Carla, I can't talk about the fear but all I will say is that I need your prayers because I am struggling with so much sorrow ... sorrow for all we have lost and all that will never be again. It is devastating. I do not watch news; some things trickle down to me because my husband and children talk about them, but I cannot watch any more. Although I have concentrated in recent weeks on doing only what is positive, and being a help or encouragement to others whenever I can, the sadness creeps in. It does not help that I lost my mother in October, but I truly rejoice that she did not live to see what has happened. Even so come, Lord Jesus. I think it is WONDERFUL that you grow and sell flowers. That makes me happy. xoxo

  7. Beautiful iced tree photos. Were you the one who told me the name of the fog ice trees? if so ,thanks. And thanks for you National Guard SON!!!!!!! Thank him for me please! and i pray our country has already begun to heal from the deep intended wounds of DT.

  8. Wonderful and wise words my friend. We all need to have faith and hope that things will get better for all of us. Prayers continue for Sam that he will stay safe as he is serving our country right now. I love when the sunshine comes out too. It has been so rare to see this winter but when it does peek out it feels so great. Have a good day today. We are bringing in new leadership today and let's pray that will help our country heal and become better. xoxo Kris

  9. so true.....fear will control us if we don't learn to let go and think of positive things. Your post today is one that covers many thoughts that I think we all have had, especially this past year. Blogging has helped me because I always find positivity when our read the post from friends. I always enjoy my sweet messages that pop up from you. Enjoy your day....

  10. Great post, Carla. I love that you include us in your thoughts when you answer these kind of post questions. I'm always answering in my head, nodding with you. And fear, yeah, I hear you and I'm praying for your son and all the young men and women out there serving right now. xoxo

  11. You make excellent points. I'm barely hanging in there. Mainly because my lungs still do no want to cooperate. Hope all is well with you and the family. I will keep Sam and his buddies in my prayers.

  12. So glad that your flowers bring so many happiness! What a blessing to be able to deliver meals on wheels. I am sure you are a bright light to many who are alone and afraid. I think your answers expressed what so many of us are feeling right now but we press on and continue being brave. God is our strength. Adding your sons' safety to my prayers. Have a great weekend sweet friend!

  13. Great tips! I've had the first shot and have two weeks to go before I get the second. But so many people get the covid-19 between the first and second shots that we are still in lockdown and extra careful. Our reality is stranger than fiction.

  14. I completely understand Carla. Social media wants to such the goodness out of life, it seems. So much better to limit our news intake as much as possible, and focus on the good things around us, things that we can affect. How wonderful that you make a difference for your Meals on Wheels recipients! I know you are such a blessing to them, and I know your sons and husband are blessed by your wonderful attitude!

  15. There is no doubt in my mind that your sons are proud of their mom and always will be. Helping with meals on wheels is one of the best services to our elderly ever. I've pictured myself as time goes by knowing that option is available and being very grateful for it but to have someone cheerful visit would be a bright spot in the day.

    I wish I could help you with that fear thing that affects all moms, no matter the age of their kids. I tell myself that fear doesn't come from God but sometimes that doesn't help in the middle of the night. In the daytime I remember that he loves them so much more than we ever could ourselves. I think that getting done what needs to be done helps me better than anything else, and I know that you're good at that, Carla. Yep, still hanging in there, along with you.

  16. We really need to remember the little things. The little things that bring us joy. And the little things that bring joy to others.


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