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Monday, December 12, 2022

A Little Bit of Christmas Outside


I was able to create my Christmas outdoor decorating this season with dried flowers from the garden, a walk in the woods and a little help from my dad.


The evergreen branches are from the two Christmas trees that we have in our home this season. We usually need to cut the lower branches to have the tree fit in our stand. I am happy that I can use the branches in my outside decorating. 

The dried hydrangea are from the garden as well as the millet.

The red berries I foraged in my parents woods and I found the bird nest too.

The box is an old potato box that my dad fixed up and gave me. Thank you, Dad!

And the rusty bell is a bell I use year after year.


The front door features my ol blue pot that I cannot move. It is full of dirt for me to plant my flowers in for the spring, summer and autumn. October though November, I had a mum in the pot for an autumn display.

Evergreens are laid on the top of the pot. An old basket a friend gave me is filled with rocks so it does not blow away in the winter wind. Then I added evergreens and berries, a bow and a rusty star.


Happy Christmas Decorating!




  1. This is what I love best! I have baskets of pinecones and pine branches. I put a few shiny Christmas balls in the top of one of mine. Love the red berries too. You have such a wonderful STYLE!!!

  2. There you go, a beautiful Christmas decoration to welcome your guests at the front door.
    I love those berries. They are so eye catching. Thanks for the inspiration, Carl.
    Thinking of you, Sam and your family.

    Take care, hugs.

  3. That evergreen swag is absolutely perfect!! And the added nest is a seasonal bonus. I ❤️ it. Everything you've done to create the holiday ambiance is stellar.

  4. Lovely! I try to use cuttings and materials from my garden for holiday decorations, too. It looks so fresh and original. :)

  5. I love it, Carla! Everything looks so perfect and I love that box from your dad. Nothing better than a gathered Christmas!

  6. Such lovely Christmas decorations! I love your creative touch! I am not sure how I stumbled on your blog awhile back, but I enjoy it!

  7. I love your outdoor vignettes. I noticed the bird's nest right away! Great idea about the hydrangea. I need to dry ours next year and do the same!

  8. What a stunning farmhouse kind of decoration. This is where you really shine!

  9. Lovely arrangement and a happy tradition!

  10. Absolutely beautiful. They definitely say Winter!

  11. I have always wanted to decorate my outside, but never do. Love how you did yours. So festive!!! Janice

  12. Well these are just beautiful, so rustic and natural! I love it that you foraged for things, and that your dad helped you. I would so love to have done anything at all with my dad, and never had the opportunity. I hope you and Jeremy and all the family have the merriest Christmas ever! xoxo

  13. Looks good.

    All the best Jan


High Fives from Wisconsin!