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Monday, December 5, 2022

December Birthday's

 Hello Friends,

Happy December Birthday!

It is always fun to learn about who shares a birthday with you. I have several special friends and even a famous singer that share a birthday with me.

The day after my birthday we celebrate a very special birthday, the U.S. National Guard.

 The birthday of the U.S National
Guard is celebrated on December
13th and although this is not a
federal holiday it is still an
important event to be noted.
Since, 1636, the National Guard is
the oldest military organization in
America. The members of the
National Guard serve during times
of war and emergencies.
Let us all take the time to honor
those who have protected our
country for centuries and
centuries to come.
The U.S National Guard birthday is important because it
is part of our history. This birthday of this prestigious
militia reminds our country of the past and can be used
as an opportunity to move further into its history. By
celebrating the birthday of the National Guard we show
our respect to those who risk their lives for America and
its citizens.

157th Brigade December Newsletter was the source for the above information.

Happy Birthday National Guard

I am a proud National Guard Mom!

 December 12th Birthday's

I share a birthday with a very special blogger Nana Diana .

My friend Angie gave birth to twin boys on 12/12! I am honored to share a birthday with two amazing young men.

My childhood friend Nellie, she too has a 12/12 birthday. 


That famous singer is Frank Sinatra, he was born December 12th.


 I just recently found out that Caroline "Ma" Ingalls  was born December 12th.

 Caroline “Ma” Ingalls (Dec. 12) was born in 1839 in Wisconsin and became the beloved matriarch of the Ingalls family.


  Caroline Ingalls  Click here for more information. 


Ingalls Family circa 1891
Photo Source        


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Carla and to all those who share your birthday. I enjoyed listening to Let it Snow. I hope that your birthday will be celebrated in a very special way.
    Thanks for your birthday wishes to me.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. What would we do without the National Guard? They are always there for us in every big emergency, bringing comfort and supplies.

  3. Happy birthday to our National Guard!! They do themselves proud

  4. You share a birthday with Caroline Ingalls! Well, that made me smile. : ) And Diana! Love her too. The Frank Sinatra song, "Let It Snow", is delightful. I loved listening to it. Being born in December is very special, Carla. I hope you have a special day filled with all the things you love. You deserve all the goodness that comes your way, dear friend.


  5. Enjoyed you post today! No December birthdays at my house, but we do have two anniversaries this month. My daughter and her hubby on the first and Mr D and me on the 21st. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas!

  6. Happy Birthday Wishes ...

    All the best Jan

  7. Wishing you the best birthday. Love that the national guard has a birthday right after yours. Especially with Sam making us all proud of his service over in Africa right now. Prayers daily he is safe and enjoying this life journey. I know how proud you are of him but miss him so much. Happy Birthday and have fun getting ready for Christmas. Love, Kris

  8. Happy birthday!! How fun to have so many whom share the same birthday as you! Janice

  9. Ma Ingalls, huh? You do have some good company. Happy Birthday and appreciation, too, for the National Guard and those who serve.

  10. Happy Birthday National Guard! You are a proud National Guard Mom! What a handsome son you have. You do share a birthday with some good folks. Happy Birthday to you Carla. Oh, your little Christmas tree in the greenhouse is so special.

  11. What a great post. I love the history that you shared. Hope you have a special birthday this year.

  12. Happy Birthday, Carla...and everyone else on your impressive list!! I hope you do something super fun this weekend to celebrate!! xo

  13. Thank you for your comment.

    New blog coming and I will contact you.


  14. Thank you...new blog coming...I will contact you...💛🎄💛

  15. Belated birthday wishes. Hope you had a great day.

  16. A belated but no less sincere Happy Birthday to you, and to Nana Diana! What fun, a December birthday. Our December birthdays include our Melanie's -- she will turn 18 on December 21st, the shortest day, haha -- and my sister Kay's, who turned 67 on 12/14. I also have a beloved uncle who turned 75 on 12/11, and TG's only brother turned 69 on 12/5. So much to celebrate! xoxo

  17. Happy Belated Birthday wishes, Carla! I am so sorry I am late. So many wonderful people you share your birthday with. December 12th is a special day!


High Fives from Wisconsin!