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Monday, September 15, 2014

Oatmeal Icebox Cookies

Oatmeal Icebox Cookies
I made the following recipe twice last week. My boys just love this recipe. My secret ingredient is pumpkin pie spice,  click here 

Oatmeal Icebox Cookies

1 cup of butter
1 cup of sugar
1 cup of brown sugar
2 eggs
1 teaspoon of vanilla
1 1/2 cups of flour
1 teaspoon of baking soda
1/4 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
3 cups cooking oats
1/2 cup pecans or chocolate chips or raisins

Beat together shortening and sugars until fluffy. Add the eggs and vanilla, beating well.
Mix remaining ingredients.
Shape into 3 rolls about 2 inches in diameter - wrap in wax paper 
Chill for 2 hours
After the two hours, slice the cookies 1/4 inch thick
 Set on to your cookie sheets
Bake at 350 degrees - 9 to 10 minutes

My first batch I added raisins. The second batch I added chocolate chips. This week my husband is asking for me to add pecans. Looks like I will baking up some more Oatmeal Icebox Cookies this week.


Just a note~due to the amount of SPAM I am receiving, I am going to have to put on word verification on my blog for the next few days. Thank you for understanding.

Friday, September 12, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ Xcel Energy

This summer my parents farm fields became a site of change, continued progress in America and entertainment. A new Xcel power line is in the process of going up and the old power line taken down. Our boys spent a few weeks with grandma and grandpa on the farm and also got to see some of the huge electric poles go up.
I am sharing a few photos my husband took on our personal tour given to us by our boys.

Sam driving us in Grandma's golf cart. Heading out to the fields. 
The big white marshmallows you see in the back ground are wrapped round bales of hay to feed the cows.

Heading out to the power line.

The silver poles are replaced by the new large brown poles. They are steel poles and huge. 
The power line runs along my parents farm fields.

Atticus and Grandpa got to see a large brown pole go into place. Atticus said "It was really cool, but kind of scary as the the crane took it way up high in the air, it swayed back and forth."

The silver poles are only half on one side of the top area. One section of the line is already taken down.
This area is a homemade bridge in a swampy area heading to the river.
The power line crosses the river.

 Each new pole has an I.D.

I talked to my mom the other day. She said things are busy as ever as they continue to work on the line. It has made the summer full of entertainment and creating some challenges with making hay. My mom also said that Xcel Energy has been very kind and polite regarding working on the hay fields.

Thank you for coming along today.
And a big Thank You to Xcel Energy for keeping the lights on!

Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pumpkin Pie Spice

Autumn is in the air.
Apples are ripe. Thoughts of apple crisp and apple pie are in our taste buds.
I like to add Pumpkin Pie Spice to my apple crisp, apple pie ,oatmeal cookies and other Autumn baking. It is easy to make your own Pumpkin Pie Spice.

Gather the following:
Ground Cinnamon
Ground Ginger
Ground Nutmeg
Ground All Spice
Ground Cloves
Ground Cardamon

In a container, mix the following together
1 Tablespoon of ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon of ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon of ground nutmeg
1/2 teaspoon of ground all spice
1/2 teaspoon of ground cloves
1/8 teaspoon of ground cardamon

I triple this, and put into a fun jelly jar. 
Your homemade Pumpkin Pie Spice will also make a great gift.

Have you made your favorite Autumn treat?
I made Apple Crisp last week and Atticus is asking for Pumpkin Bars.

Happy Baking!

Monday, September 8, 2014


On the shores of Lake Superior

The first full weekend in September was beautiful in Northwest Wisconsin.
Lucky for me, I got to spend all of Saturday, outside, my very favorite place to be.

Freight-liner coming into port
Boys playing on the beach
Lake Superior
The beautiful apples, so golden and mellow
They will fall at a kiss of the breeze.
While it breathes through the foliage frosty and yellow
And the sunshine is filling the trees!
John James Platt

How was your weekend?
Wishing you a great Monday!
September brings the County Fair, falling leaves, crisp autumn air

Friday, September 5, 2014

On the Road Friday ~ Paradise Springs ~ Kettle Moraine State Forest - Southern Unit

We are on the road today to Paradise Springs, located in the Kettle Moraine State Forest of Wisconsin. Paradise Springs is a unique spot and has a lot of history. 

At one time a millionaire built a horse track, fishing hole, and elaborate spring house over Paradise Springs.

Bottled Spring Water
Since the late 1800's, people have enjoyed the pure spring water of Paradise Springs. Early owners called it Minnehaha and Eagle Rock Springs. The plant closed in the late 1960's. Spring water was pumped from the spring house and sold by various companies under the name of Natural Spring Water and Lullaby Baby Drinking Water.

Clear spring water, cool, clear and clean.

 Paradise Springs Resort and Hotel
A massive 2-story resort built of locally quarried Lannon stone (Wisconsin dolomite).
It had deluxe bedrooms with private, steam-heated tiled baths, a dining room, cocktail bar, and a roof garden with sundeck. An advertisement for the hotel described it as an "ideal vacation and honeymoon resort."

Fieldstone Spring House

 Paradise Springs is about 5 feet deep and maintains a temperature of about 47 degrees F. year around. Over 30,000 gallons of water flow from this spring each hour ~ that is 500 gallons each minute. Paradise Springs sits in a bowl-shaped depression where the water table reaches the surface. 

 Colorful fieldstone walls, a very elaborate spring house.

 In the early 1900's the owners at that time stocked the pond with trout. They also had a menagerie of animals which included peacocks, monkeys and pheasants.

Brook trout are the only  trout species native to the Kettle Moraine and are still found in cold spring water ponds and brooks. In October, the trout in this pond spawn (lay their eggs) near the spring house on the gravel bottom. When spawning, brook tout turn a vibrant pink color and are easier to spot.

 Atticus would toss acorns in the pond and the trout would come up to the surface. 

 This guy was busy smiling at us...and he is smiling at you too.
Wishing you a great weekend.

 Thank you for coming along with me to Paradise Springs.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

A Stop at Angie's Little Library

On a recent visit with my aunt Sharon, we stopped at a Little Free Library in her community.

Angie's Little Library
 Atticus found a Calvin and Hobbes book.
I found a Little House on the Prairie Song book.
My aunt Sharon made a donation of two books.

What is a Little Free Library?

It’s a “take a book, return a book” gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. In its most basic form, a Little Free Library is a box full of books where anyone may stop by and pick up a book (or two) and bring back another book to share. You can, too!


  Do you have a Little Free Library in your neighborhood?

Have you stopped at a Little Free Library?


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Out and About

Hello Friends,
We enjoyed a fun week of harvesting the garden, visiting family and doing some shopping.
I will be sharing our harvest in the next couple weeks and some new ideas of how we preserved our harvest. We have a few more yummy vegetables in the garden to harvest, beets, carrots and potatoes.

We also spent time with family last week. It was good to see our family. Many of us live far away from each other, so this time together is special. 

And we went shopping or should I say thrifting?
The top photo is a bowl my  boys picked out for me. Perfect color for me, blue, my favorite and the perfect price $1.00.
A large checker board for our coffee table. It also was $1.00.
Another deal, $1.00 for this lantern. A perfect addition to our garage.
We are still trying to decide how to get it to light up at night. 
It is in the shade all day, so a solar light will not work.
Any ideas?

Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh, No!

 Last week, Marv asked me if I had visited the garden plot way over at the far end of the field. I had not, so he told us to be sure to go visit it before we left for the day.
To our surprise the plot is full of BIG ORANGE pumpkins. I did not have my camera or phone with me, so I had to wait to take photos.
We have received rain, rain and more rain this week.
The first opportunity I had to get out to the gardens was on Wednesday. I hurried over to the pumpkin plot to take photos. At first I did not notice anything was wrong.

Look close at this photo, you will see something is not right.

Big, beautiful, orange pumpkins.
Take a peek at the one far out, it is lighter orange.

 Oh, No!

 Something got hungry and ate this big, beautiful orange pumpkin.

 Tracks left behind...we are on the case...case solved, deer!

If you missed my post about the Deer Spray check out the following post

Remember to continue to spray your squash, pumpkins and any other produce that needs time to harvest, the deer will continue to visit your garden all year long.

My heart ached for this gardener. I sure do hope they are able to save this big pumpkin.

I will be taking next week off from blogging.
I am wishing you all a wonderful week.

Thank you for all the kind comments and support.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Book Review ~ The Kite Fighters

 The Kite Fighters
Author ~Linda Sue Park

The boys and I enjoyed this book for many reasons. Atticus enjoyed the humor with the boys. Sam enjoyed learning about another culture and I enjoyed the friendship between the boys.

It took place in Seoul, Korea, 1473.

A special story about brothers.

"The author has drawn her characters with a sure touch, creating two very different boys struggling to figure out who they are. With ease and grace, Park brings these long-ago children to life." - School Library Journal

Monday, August 18, 2014

A Story To Tell

What would this homestead tell us if it could talk?
On our trip West we saw several old homesteads, or ghost towns?

Oh, I wish these walls could speak to me.

 Wind, rain, snow and these buildings still stand.

 Who lived here? Why did they move on?

 Do you ever wonder what happened to the families of abandoned homesteads?

Have you ever been brave and peeked into the windows of an abandoned building?

 If only these walls could talk.

And tell us the story.

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