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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hungry Hippo

Hungry Hippo
Do you remember Hungry Hungry Hippo? Hungry Hungry Hippo is from when Jeremy and I were little. Atticus loves this game, he laughs so hard. His laugh makes me laugh. So this becomes a big laugh attack!

Do you have any vintage games that you play with your family?


  1. My kids LOVED this game!! It's So noisy and so much fun. :-) Have you found the game 'Perfection'? It's another oldie and so full of tension that it drives you crazy...but still fun in an odd sort of way.

  2. We have a mini-hungry hungry hippo game that our littlest loves to carry around. For the older ones: Rook, Scrabble, Sorry, and the classics~candyland and chutes and ladders.
    Great reminder of the past.
    Keep up the God work


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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