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Monday, June 18, 2012

My new mower

I got a new mower this spring. I have always wanted one of these mowers...yes an o'l fashioned mower. Last year we were on a drive and saw one for sale on the side of the road. We said we would stop by on our way home...lesson learned...always turn around if you see something you want to check out! Let me tell you, it will be gone if you do not.
 We did some research and found a good deal on this new reel mower. Jeremy put it together in a few minutes, it was easy.
My new mower. A reel mower.

We do not have a very big yard...due to most of it is garden, flower garden or the boys play area. I was tired of spark plugs, oil and gas. I can just take this baby out of the Yard Barn, and off I go. And yes, off you got to go...you need to walk fast and push hard with this mower. I think it is well worth the extra work out I get mowing.

I love to mow lawn. I had several lawn mowing jobs growing up. I love to be outside, and this was a great way for a girl to be outside.(I grew up a farm girl, so I was outside a lot. I just liked getting lawn mowing jobs, over babysitting jobs) We just finished our outside work for this evening, I did not get to mow the lawn. Our son Sam has taken a liking to mowing lawn and he loves the reel mower. It is fun to see the blades cut the grass. He likes to see how high he can get the grass to fly.
How about you, do you like to mow lawn? Or the smell of fresh cut grass?

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  1. 'No' to the 'do you like to mow?' and 'Yes' to the 'do you like the smell of freshly-cut grass?' :-) Actually, I don't mind mowing a small area with our power push. The new manual push mowers are nothing like the heavy ones from a bygone era (like when I was a little girl), but they worked very, very well at cutting, and I have a scar on my thumb to prove it! (No, I've no idea what my thumb was doing on the yard when my brother came along with the lawn mower. You'd almost think it was intentional, wouldn't you!) Hmmmmmmm.


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