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Thursday, June 21, 2012

On the Road to Texas part 1

Our goal as a family is to visit all the State Capitols! We had the blessed opportunity to visit my Aunt and Uncle who live in Texas. March 2012, we got to visit Austin, Texas.  It was interesting at how busy the Capitol building was with protesters, field trips and  out of state visitors. We had to go through security, which was something new for us. At our  other Capitol visits, visitors have been able to just walk in. 
Austin is a beautiful city and the Capitol is amazing. We had a great time....and we would love to visit again.

So off we go...Lone Star State...here we come!
The Texas Capitol anchors the four blocks that surveyors designated as Capitol Square in 1839.
 The first Capitol structure on this site was completed in 1853. The three story, limestone building measured 140 feet by 90 feet and cost approximately $150,000 to construct. In early 1881, officials held a nationwide compition for the design of a grand new Capitol and declared Detroit architect Elijah E. Myers the winner. The 1853 Capitol went up in flames in November of 1881, and a temporary Capitol was built across the street from Capitol Square to house state government during construction of the new building. The ground breaking ceremony held on February 1, 1882. Three years later, builders had finished the foundations and basement walls and the 12,000 pound cornerstone was laid on March 2, 1885, Texas Independence Day.
For over a century, the Sunset Red granite Capitol has stood as a symbol of the legendary spirit of Texas. It is the seat of government...the place where Texans meet to enact laws for the state.
Security!This was a first for us when visiting a State Capitol.

We love the character each Capitol building has. Sometimes you need to look close, like at the door hinges!

Door knob...cool. Lots of stars in Texas!

Beautiful hallway.

The star in the dome, approximately 218 feet above, was installed in 1958 and measures eight feet from point to point.
Stayed tuned...we will be back on the road to Texas tomorrow.


  1. wow...the detail in the door hinge even! They used to make things really special...things that future generations would enjoy.

  2. I think visiting state capitols in a great family idea. I've never been to Texas but they sure have a beautiful capitol building. The floor is amazing.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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