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Friday, January 25, 2013

Bogey's Diner - Dickinson, North Dakota

 This Friday, we are heading to North Dakota. On our trip home from Montana in 2011, my mom asked us to stop at Bogey's Diner, North Dakota and tell her all about it.
So we did. And it was wonderful.
Bogey's is full of fun things to look at from America's past.
 Bogey's also has wonderful shakes!
 Bogey's Diner - Dickinson, ND
 We enjoyed a wonderful lunch.
If you ever pass through Dickinson, North Dakota, I recommend Bogey's. Thank you for joining me today with On the Road Friday!

P.S. Have you eaten at Bogey's?

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  1. I've been to Dickinson once but didn't know about Bogey's. if we ever go back we'll look it up. It looks like fun.

    BATB is not too far away. I need to get more skiing in. We should make plans soon. You guys are welcome to stay here if you want. I know you enjoy the hotel so my feelings won't be hurt (I promise) if you stay there but I just wanted to make sure you knew that staying here is an option. We want to have you over for dinner again. There are a few nice ski trails in the area if you want to do any other skiing. There are some outdoor ice rinks. My girls love to ice skate. There's a chance the ice caves will form this year. The ice road to Madeline Island is neat but it hasn't formed yet. So many things to do. Looking forward to seeing your family.


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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