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Sunday, January 27, 2013

I am happy!! S.N.O.W.

Yay, guess what we will be doing this week. 
C-C skiing....I love snow!
We were blessed with a good snow storm this afternoon. Big white flakes! The boys were so excited to see the huge flakes, the best we have had in awhile. 
Have you ever been able to capture a snowflake in your hand and really examine it?
I had a few good looks at some before they melt. Snowflakes truly are an amazing gift from God.
Check out one of my older posts about Snowflake Bentley. A wonderful story about a man who captured snowflakes on film.


  1. oh that snow looks just perfect! enjoy it!

  2. Before I read your entire post, I was just going to mention Snowflake Bentley. Great minds think alike! : )

  3. SNOW!!!! Yes. Keep it coming. Fun pictures.


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