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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Funny on Sunday

One day Bruce comes out to the warehouse to walk around. As he is
walking, he looks up and sees John hanging upside down from an I-Beam in
the ceiling. He asks, "What ARE you doing"? John says, "I need a few days
off but the boss won't let me have them so I'm hanging upside down from
this I-Beam acting crazy. The boss will see me, think I need rest and send
me home for a few days". Bruce says, "That won't work...uh ohh...here
comes the boss now, you're in for it". The boss spots Bruce looking up and
sees  John hanging up there and asks him, "Just WHAT do you think you
are DOING?!!" John says, (in a "crazy" voice) I'm a light bulb...I'm a light
bulb." The boss says, "Buddy, you need some rest, take the rest of today and
tomorrow off and get some sleep". As he is climbing down he winks at
Bruce showing him it worked. Bruce thinks about this for a moment and
starts to follow the man out the door. The boss asks him, "WHERE do you
think YOU'RE going?"  Bruce says "I can't work in the dark".

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