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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dreaming of a White Winter

We had planned to visit family this past weekend. But my parents called and encouraged us to stay home. Wisconsin got hit with some very cold weather this weekend. 
I can get down in the dumps during this time, because I do love winter. Because I love snow.
 Our ski trip 12/12/12
Our first good snowfall for the 2012/2013 winter.

 Pattison State Park
I have done several posts about Pattison State Park, it is one of our favorites. It is the home of Wisconsin's largest waterfall.
 See anything different on this tree? All three of my boys skied past, and I yelled out, "Guys, look at this tree."
 The river, always changing, yet the same. The animals still come to it, we could see the tracks. We could hear some water flowing under the ice. I love to stop and listen to the winter woods. It is full of beauty. Different beauty then summers busy beauty. Winters beauty is peace.
 I think the guy with the Sharpie was really starting to have too much fun.
Dreaming of Snow this cold Tuesday morning. 
Because we did not travel to see family, I called instead. Talking with my Grandma, she said, "You know, I think we had more snow years ago."
She is not the first person to share that with me in the past week.
I wonder what type of weather pattern we are going through? 


  1. Beautiful photos, Carla! And your family has so much fun in the snow. Nice to see it. So fun you noticed the smiley face on that tree. haha. I think before we had good ditches, it seemed like we had more snow because when the grater would come through, there was nowhere to push the snow...so the snowbanks on either side of the road were huge! And also, these things are cyclical. Today it was -18 when I got up, but I remember some winters when we had a 4-day streak of -40...and one winter where we actually had one morning that it was -67 (true!).

  2. I love how your family get out and enjoy nature. I wish we were like that. Our outings usually are just shopping trips. Once or twice a year we go to Forts around here and I drink it all up. Yes, I noticed the happy face on that tree....it took me a minute though. I've heard people say we used to get more snow in winter and more apples on our trees etc. Wonder why....Hope your day is a gem! We finished another puzzle last night and I've knitting to finish today.

  3. what beautiful photos! here it is sooooo cold and no snow...not much fun for anything, just fire and hot chocolate!

  4. Beautiful! I love snow...from inside my cozy home where I am snuggled and warm drinking a hot chocolate and reading a good book or doing a puzzle! Yep. that's how I roll, but I am so glad someone likes to venture forth and take such beautiful pics!
    Keep up the God work.


High Fives from Wisconsin!