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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Pattison State Park

Sharing Wisconsin's highest waterfall with you.
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Pattison State Park features the highest waterfalls in LocationWisconsin and the fourth highest waterfall east of the Rocky Mountains. Big Manitou Falls is 165 feet high, and Twin Little Manitou Falls is 31 feet high. This 1,436-acre park also has a lake with a beach, a nature center, camping, nine miles of hiking trails and abundant wildlife.

This was our first trip to see Pattison in the winter! Wow, I would recommend it. It is a short hike to the waterfall. 
 The ice formations are amazing. The foam from the waterfall freezes. It creates such a neat look.
 While growing up my sister and I would get Grow It Kits for Christmas. We would build a tree or mountain and put some sort of liquid on it. Over night foam stuff would grow. I hope you know what I am talking about. :)
The frozen foam in the waterfall reminded me of the stuff that would grow.

  "Tis merry, merry in the spring, And merry in the summer time, And merry when the great winds sing through autumn's woodland brown. And in the winter, wild, and cold. Tis merry, merry too."
William Howitt

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