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Friday, October 7, 2016

On The Road Friday ~ Mount Rushmore, South Dakota

Last week we took an amazing road trip. It was an extra special week for this mom. As my boys grow up this family time is extra special to me.
I will be doing several On The Road Friday posts to highlight our #RoadTrip2016.

Here we go, let us head to South Dakota, U.S.A

 Mount Rushmore
A Shrine in the Black Hills


 Gutzon Borglum
The Master Sculptor

 Avenue of Flags
 The flags of the States of the United States.
Can you find your State flag?

 Each State is recognized and has the date it was admitted to the Union.

Oh my, that beautiful blue sky.
We were blessed with lovely weather for our road trip.
Blue sky and a high of 75 degrees.
 George Washington
Commander of the Revolutionary Army
First U.S. President

 Thomas Jefferson
Author of the Declaration of Independence
3rd President
Mastermind of the Louisiana Purchase

and  gardener too! That makes him one of my favorites!

 Theodore Roosevelt
The 26th President 
Promoted the construction of the Panama Canal
Ignited progressive causes like conservation and economic reform.

 Abraham Lincoln
16th President
His leadership restored the Union and ended slavery on U.S. soil.

Thank you for joining me for On The Road Friday!
Wishing you all a great weekend!


  1. A really great man Abraham Lincoln was☺ Happy Friday♥


  2. I would love to see Mt. Rushmore. I have a friend that travels there just about every year...it's there favorite vacation destination. Hugs!

  3. Your Mount Rushmore pictures are amazing!! I don't think I have ever seen them close up like this. And I have never seen the man who carved them! I did not know The Avenue Of Flags was there, so I also learned something today! Too cool!!

  4. Fabulous! That's a place I'd like to go - mind you, I forever associate it with the film, North by Northwest! Really great shots; excellent. Some great men there - even the revolutionaries :-)

  5. What an amazing family trip to take, such history and beauty all in one place! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the sculpted presidents up close, and also the sculpture of the man who did all that work, wow! So amazing. Glad you were able to enjoy this time with your family :)

  6. What a wonderful road trip, Carla. Isn't Mt.Rushmore just amazing?!!?!!! John has never been out west of this area at all. I told him when he is completely well-we need to take a road trip west. xo Diana

    1. I love the Black Hills though it wasn't always so when we rushed through on our way to Montana's fabled trout streams. The Hills were filled with people and tourist traps. Then one year my wife and I spent an Easter vacation there camping all alone in beautiful weather. We did the loop road without seeing another car. We hiked, photographed and I even caught some trout. We've made it an annual spring habit ever since....:)

  7. Wonderful photographs! I particularly adored the natural life photos...It must be a fantastic ordeal to be there and see every one of these views...

  8. Carla what a great trip. It is amazing to see Mt. Rushmore. Just stunning. Glad you had such a great trip.

  9. Your photographs are amazing! I visited there more than 30 years ago. I've told my husband we need to go back. So glad you got to go.

  10. Never been, but it looks amazing. You had fabulous weather. Makes all the difference at a destination like this I am sure!

  11. Look at those blue skies! Absolutely perfect for your travels!

  12. Beautiful weather, beautiful photos! Sounds like an amazing, memory making trip💕!

  13. Your photos are so pretty. And yes! I see Alabama's state flag in front on the right with the red St. Andrew's cross on it. :D

    Have a blessed Sunday!

  14. You could not have asked for more perfect weather for your visit. When my brother and John visited, it was very foggy and cold!
    I, too, am fascinated by Thomas Jefferson and his gardening expertise.

  15. Must be amazing to stand in front of those carvings. Yes a beautiful blue sky too.

  16. You took some amazing photos, Carla! What an experience this was!!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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