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Friday, October 14, 2016

On The Road Friday ~ Evening Ceremony at Mount Rushmore ~ South Dakota

Happy Friday
It is On The Road Friday and we are taking a trip to the evening ceremony at Mount Rushmore.

 All is dark on top of Mount Rushmore.

 The Big Dipper was just above the Presidents heads.

 At 8:00 pm the ceremony began. We enjoyed a patriotic movie about America. 
One of the park rangers gave us a quick history lesson about the importance of the four men carved into Mount Rushmore.

The lights come on! The faces of Mount Rushmore are a glow until 11:00pm.
It is beautiful.

After that the park ranger asks all military past and present to come forward to help take the American flag down for the evening.
Each and every military member states their name and branch.
It was so patriotic and I felt so happy for the military up on stage. I felt thankful as well for the sacrifice of their service.

It was a beautiful night.

Thank you for coming along with me for On The Road Friday!


  1. OMGOSH, I have never been there at night- what a glorious sight. xo Diana

  2. Sure looks like a beautiful night ♥

  3. It really is a marvel...especially at night.

  4. I've never seen photos of Mt Rushmore at night - these are beautiful! Looks really perfect, thanks for sharing. I hope you're off to a great weekend!

  5. The faces at night are beautiful! I can imagine the servicemen taking down the sign would really bring a lump to my throat.

  6. What an incredible ceremony to be a part of! I had no idea they did this, and what a tribute to those who have served in the military too! Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed your post today, as always! Enjoy a blessed weekend :)

  7. Wow that sounds so mesmerizing and inspiring!! I love your Big Dipper picture and the one of the 4 guys! :)

  8. This is awesome. I never saw this sight at night (in photos) like this. My husband would really love it.


  9. Wow! What a wonderful experience that must have been!!

  10. Now that is something to see. I didn't know they did that. WOW!

  11. Excellent photos--what a great experience!

  12. Oh Carla, your photos are truly amazing! I have been there twice, but never in the dark :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday. Hugs!

  13. Wow, the mountain glows at night. What a pretty sight!

  14. Gorgeous pictures. I love Mt. Rushmore.

  15. This looks very special Carla, thanks for sharing your photo's.

    All the best Jan


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