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Monday, October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween and Joy List Monday

Happy Halloween

Thank you for the prayers last week.
Our friend who lost her dad had good news. Her son is in the Navy and the Red Cross helped him get home for his grandpa's funeral.

Today I am sharing all the carving fun we have enjoyed for the Halloween season.
We are Milwaukee Brewer fans in this house, but for the World Series most of us are cheering for the Cubs. We have one Indian's fan, my son Atticus.
Sam's fun jack o lantern.
Atticus' jack o lantern.
My husband carved this big ♥  for me.
Joy List Monday
a weekly ritual

a reminder to stop and pay attention
 to the little beauties and graces 
 that make life magical and to set aside time for gratitude each day
♥ family time ... taking time to unplug and be with family

 ♥ baseball ~ I do love the game of baseball and have enjoyed watching the World Series

 ♥ the fun of Halloween ... our neighbor has decorated so fun this year, he hung colorful pumpkins in his maple tree

 ♥ It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown ... I love this movie ... it never gets old

 ♥ the excitement our son Sam is having with his first job ... he had a great first few days

Thank you again for all the prayers and love sent this way last week!

Trick or Treat


  1. Happy Halloween! Love the pumpkins! Wishing each of you a great week.

  2. Happy Halloween! LOVE your pumpkin pics, so fun! We watched The Great Pumpkin Saturday night - you're right, it never gets old! Have fun!

  3. So glad he could get home for the funeral. I love the carved pumpkins. That must have been fun for the family. I haven't carved a pumpkin in years. How sweet of your husband to carve a heart. I probably would have fainted. :)

  4. Everyone having their pwn pumpkin, what fun! Your husband's to you is so sweet!!

  5. Hope your family has a fun time this evening!

  6. Pretty pumpkins and good news all around! Happy Halloween, Carla! xo

  7. My husband, son, and I are big baseball fans as well and enjoy going to many of the games during the summer. Of course we love our Colorado Rockies {{smiles}} I must confess that we have been cheering for the Indians.... :)

    Your pumpkins are darling, dear Carla. Hugs to you!

  8. Oh, you guys are creative with your jack-o-lanterns! I'm not much of a baseball fan, but it's the Cubs in the World Series! How often does that happen?! So I understand you. ;-) Happy Halloween!

  9. Go cubs go! Go cubs, go!!!! Hey, Chicago! What do you say? Cubs are gonna win today!!! (and tomorrow, too, hopefully)


  10. Good Morning Carla. Happy Halloween to you too. Your pumpkins are fab! We are White Sox Fans in this house but we are certainly rooting for the Cubs to win. Have a great week.

  11. Love your pumpkins, so sorry about your friends father.

  12. Nice carving! My hubby and son are rooting for the Cubs, too. Have a nice week!

  13. Lovely carvings. So sorry to hear about your friend's dad.

  14. Delightful jack-o-lanterns, Carla. My brother loves the show "It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown." Whenever I see it, I smile thinking of him. :)


  15. You are all so talented and creative!!
    Glad that Sam's job is off to a great start, that is so exciting.

  16. A little late to this post - but I love the pumpkins!
    Glad that Sam's job has started well.

    All the best Jan


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