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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Copy Cat

Hello Friends,
Joyce the author of the Hodgepodge is taking the week off from the Hodgepodge. She will be back to the regular programming of the Hodgepodge next week.
My blog buddy Jess at Barefoot by the Sea 
she had a fun idea and took the Hodgepodge questions from Joyce's 100th Hodgepodge.

I am going to do a copy cat! What a fun idea Jess!


 1. What creeps you out?
On our way home from our road trip we were rolling in late. We were driving thru a small rural community and a car was sitting at a bank. As we drove past they slowly pulled out behind us. RIGHT BEHIND US!! They followed close behind us, tailgating at a very late hour. After awhile I got really creeped out. I told my husband if they did not turn off at the next stop, I wanted him to go a different way. Thankfully they turned off.
 2. What's your least favorite candy?
 I do not like licorice. I do not really like any sort of fruit candy.
 3. Are you a fan of scary movies?  What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
No, I do not like scary movies. I think I was scared for life when a pal of mine in High School had me watch Children of the Corn. No more scary movies for this girl. 
4. What part of life confuses you the most?  
Black Lives Matter ... this whole thing is gotten so out of hand. My boys are friends with whites, blacks, Hispanics and many more colors. My son Sam summed it up best, "Mom, I do not even see the color, I never have, we are just buddies."
 5. Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy...what's your favorite seed? 
I love poppy seed bread, muffins and pastries. 
I also love my husbands roasted pumpkin seeds. I was cheated last October, the pumpkins we carved, they did not have many seeds. How do I find a pumpkin with lots of seeds?
6. Imagine your life ten years from today...what's changed?
 My oldest son will be 26 and my youngest will be 24. 
I just might have a daughter in law. 
 7.  What do you a) love the most and b) like the least about the Hodgepodge?
a) What I like most about the Hodgepodge .... it makes me think!
b) What I least like about the Hodgepodge ... when I have to think too much!
  8.  Insert your own random thought here.
 Oui. Si. Yes. Ja. Sim. Ken. Sea. Jes. Hai. Ndiyo. Gee. Haa'n. Oo. Shi. Baleh. Areh. Na'am. A-yo. Haan. Hanji. Ho. Ano. Igen. Da. Evet. Avunu. Nai. Tak. Taip. Aye. Bai. Ydw (Oes). Kylla. Ya. Jah.:


  1. I don't like licorice either. Love the cat jack-o-lantern! Your stalking follower, you must have been scared to death! Thank goodness it turned out well.

  2. I love what your son said on question 4 (through the eyes of children). And I really like the "music" quote. I'm a music lover, and this is very true. The jack-o-lantern picture is great, Carla.

    Thank you for the birthday wishes for Jess.


  3. Your son is very wise. John and my late mother loved licorice. They would wait til the after Easter candy sales and there would always be plenty of licorice left on the shelves!
    Roasted pumpkin seeds are very tasty. Makes me hungry!

  4. I always love your answers to the questions in Hodge Podge, Carla. I'd do it but I have limited time to post and can't keep it to just one subject.

    I applaud you for mentioning your confusion with Black Lives Matter. It's a very difficult issue to discuss or put on social media. I'm super careful because of all the turmoil in Chicago right now as far as violence and gang related shootings. And of course, police brutality which is affecting many cities. One can't be careful enough discussing race issues without inciting problems. I definitely see your son's point of view and I believe my family feels the same. And that's why we pray that gun control will become a very big reality in the near future. I'm proud of my city and never ashamed. I think all Chicagoans pray for a better day.

    Oh yeah...scary movie are nowhere on my agenda!


  5. Love that lantern! About Black Lives Matter - it's very easy for white kids to say that they don't see colour, but if you are black or brown, then society treats you differently - especially in the US (I mean just look at the unjust ways blacks are treated over there) and that's why a movement like Black Lives Matter is very important. To say that it is not necessary is to talk from a standpoint of white privilege. (I'm a white mom with two black kids, so we discuss this a lot at home.)

    1. I wouldn't rely too heavily on the mainstream media in either the us or uk for unbiased reporting. They, in the us at least, have a very state driven agenda. I guess i don't know enough about the situation in the uk to presume to make a statement about it. But it's worth getting the whole story.

  6. I loved Jessica's idea and I'm glad you copied! These are fun to read! Creepy story about your drive home. I hate that! I'm not a big fan of scary movies either. I like thrillers but not horror. Poppy seed bread sounds so good right now. I love your son's summation of his friends!!

  7. What a fun idea, to answer questions! I really like that idea for a blog post. That would've scared me too, having a car follow behind. I don't like scary movies either, however I do like licorice.

  8. LOVE the music quote and I agree 100%!I It's impossible to be in a bad mood when a great song is on the radio. I often put music on to pick up my mood and energy level. Better than any stress reliever!! :)

  9. I do not like cars following like that, always scary!
    No pumpkin seeds? That's not fair! I've not had that happen. Some have more, some less. But, all have had them.
    Yes... Musical has that magical power :)

  10. I don't like scary movies or licorice either! And I had a follower like yours once...quite scary! I really like the music quote...I listen to upbeat music when I need more energy and slower paced music when I need to slow down. Thanks for your visit! Have a nice Friday and weekend.

  11. You know I love this! Great pumpkin cat pic too :) I don't like licorice either and the Black Lives Matter stuff is scary and confusing! BTW I used to watch Children of the Corn and Pet Cemetery with friends a lot - no more!!!


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