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Friday, November 4, 2016

On The Road Friday ~ Black Hills, South Dakota

 We are on the road today.
I am taking you back to our trip to South Dakota in late September.
We did a lot of hiking on this trip. Hiking is one of our families favorite activities.
Grab your hiking stick, canteen and .... here we go.

We hiked in the Black Elk Wilderness which lies in the heart of the Black Hills.
Named for Black Elk, an Oglala Lakota holy man, the area is characterized by massive granite outcroppings, pungent pine, and scenic vistas across the hills.

 Looking up at the outcroppings. 

 The weather was perfect. The blue sky was so beautiful. It was such an amazing color of blue.

 The Aspen were just starting to turn color. We hiked into a beautiful valley of Aspen trees.

 This area is rich in history for gold.
We did not find any gold nuggets, but we did stumble on the following treasures.

Hidden waterfalls, the best treasures indeed!

Four hikers make it back out of the Black Hills. When we got home from our week long trip to South Dakota, I asked what was each ones favorite. Three out of four said "Hiking in the Black Hills" ... so when the South Dakota tourism advertisement states ...

Nearly everyone has a special place somewhere in the outdoors. Many have found it in the central Black Hills .... they are right!

Have a great weekend.
Thank you for joining me for a hike in the Black Hills, South Dakota.

"Keep close to Nature's heart, yourself; and break clear away once in awhile, and climb a mountain or spend a week in the woods. Wash your spirit clean."
John Muir


  1. I absolutely love these and the one of your sweet family! Very special! Thinking of you today and sending hugs

  2. I enjoyed your pictures very much. The golden leaves against the brilliant blue sky! Love the rock outcropping and the hidden waterfalls. John loves your walking sticks! So happy you guys enjoyed your visit.

  3. What a lovely post to read and look at.
    So nice to see all of your photo's, the scenery is amazing and I especially liked the picture of the four of you.

    Sending good wishes your way.

    All the best Jan

  4. Oh, I love that picture of your family!! You guys really are making the best memories! : )

  5. Oh, I love the Black Hills! What a wonderful opportunity for your family. Hiking is one of my family's favorite activities, too. For a while, the kids wouldn't admit it, but now they (20-somethings) love hiking, too. Thanks for taking us along on your hike!

  6. The Black Hills look so peaceful and pretty, Carla. What a wonderful trip you took with your family. What a fantastic picture of the waterfalls. And I just love this nature quote and may use it sometime, if you don't mind. Nature brings peace to us all, if only we spent time getting to know it. :)


  7. Amazing photo's, Carla! The family photo is wonderful! I just new you would love all the hiking opportunities! The sky is sooo blue!

  8. Those are some really GREAT photos, Carla. I think it is just wonderful that everyone agreed that the hiking was the best part. xo Diana

  9. That looks like such a beautiful place to hike. I love the picture in front of those golden Aspen trees. We love being in the woods too. There's nothing quite like it.

  10. This is amazing memories and fun Carla. Love the sweet pic of your family. So happy you found this wonderful spot to enjoy some family time together. Absolutely beautiful. Nature at it's best.
    Happy Weekend.

    1. After I retired we discovered tourist free Black Hills camping/hiking in October staying at Custer Mountain campground. It was the best ever. You captured the spirit exactly....:)

  11. So beautiful pictures.. you reminds me my trip to Yosemite back in April..

    Please visit: http://from-a-girls-mind.blogspot.com

  12. So beautiful! The waterfall must have been a lovely surprise and thanks for taking us on your wonderful hike. Take care. Chel

  13. What a wonderful trip for your family, seeing all the beauty of God's creation.

  14. How wonderful was that!!! I love all the photos. So beautiful.

  15. I love that I can armchair travel when I read your blog. Such glorious places you got to see!! Thanks so much for sharing!!


High Fives from Wisconsin!

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