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Friday, January 27, 2017

On The Road Friday ~ To the Grocery Store

We are on the road today. Today, I am going to take you to one of my favorite markets. I have mentioned Woodman's here on The River before, I had a few readers ask "what is the big deal?".

I live in a rural area and we are blessed with two very nice grocery stores.

Eau Claire is our "big time" city that is located about 45 minutes South from Cameron.

Eau Claire continues to grow and grow making it a fun city to visit. In 2015 Woodman's opened.

The fun began one Sunday when we were traveling thru, we stopped to check Woodman's out. We only an hour to spare, let us just say we did not get thru the store. It is huge! 

It is full of lovely produce, some I do not even know what it is. 
There is a tea and coffee aisle!! Every kind of tea you can think of. 

I know some of you might be laughing. You have to remember I live in a rural area, so this is a big deal to see an aisle of tea. Ha!
An aisle for yogurt, Regular and Greek.

One of my very favorite things about Woodman's is all the Wisconsin products it sells. Meats, cheese, milk, ice cream, bagels, bread, beer, wine the list goes on. It features Wisconsin goods! I love that the most about Woodman's.

Do you have a favorite grocery store or other place to shop? 
Is there a reason that you like it?

Thank you for coming along with me to the grocery store!
If you want to take a peek at Woodman's click here.
Have a great weekend!



  1. Sounds like my kind of store! I love big markets like this! My favorites are Wegman's and Trader Joe's!

  2. We also live in a rural area, however we lack a great grocery store. We often drive 80 miles to shop for our weekly supplies. The executives who work at the corporate offices of Walmart live near Rogers, Arkansas. We will drive to Rogers to shop. We will find their stores to be stocked, have a bigger variety of vegetables and fruits, and some amazing home goods. We hear we may be getting a Whole Foods store! Thank you for posting, that Woodsman Store looks amazing!

  3. We have a Woodman's here, too, on the far west side of Green Bay. I love the grocery store but seldom go there because of the time it takes to shop there. We have a great Festival just down the road from us now and also a locally owned store (where I know where EVERYTHING is) so that is where I tend to shop.
    Have fun shopping!!!! xo Diana

  4. I need to go to the store for a few things today. We only have 1 grocery store in my little town so I find myself going to CoMo which is only a 30 min. drive. They have many to choose from and a fairly new store which has the biggest produce section around. The other things are brands I've never heard of and their meat dept. is very pricey so I don't go very often, only when I need something like fresh basil which is hard to find elsewhere.
    Have a nice day and weekend, too!

  5. It sounds like a great place to shop with good variety and the fact that they are opened 24 hours a day makes it easy to get grocery when you get home from a trip and there's nothing to eat in the fridge.
    Our Co-op is large but their hours are inconvenient for busy people who work 7 days a week like me.
    Have a great weekend.

  6. Well, of COURSE I checked it out! Let's just say that shopping is my middle name! My favorite things it do is check out new stores, it gives me a rush better than coffee! When Target came to our city, the first time I went inside I almost fainted and peed my pants all at once. This store sounds awesome, wish I could go shopping with you! I have never heard of it, yet the website says there are several! We just got a Wegman's about 30 minutes away. It is awesome, even has it's own fancy restaurant.

  7. Sounds like a great place to shop! I
    Would love for you to do a post on your favorite Wisconsin products, that would be fun!

  8. It sounds awesome! I would love to shop there...so much selection! We like Publix here but miss having a whole foods type store! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs!

  9. We have some pretty big stores around here and some tiny markets, too. I actually prefer the tiny markets. I know where everything is, can whip around and get my stuff quickly, am not out of breath when I just run in to get milk and I get to chat with the people who work there, who have all become my friends after decades of shopping there. I know, I'm a boring small town girl!! ;)

  10. I know of a couple or two (won't name any names) who goes to Woodman's for their date.

  11. We have lots of options around by me. We have one called Mariano's that is privately owned and have the best fresh produce etc. That is my fave place to shop. I have seen a few of those Woodsman but they are pretty far from where I live. Sounds like a great place.

  12. I would dearly love to shop here. When we lived closer to Atlanta we had Whole Foods, which was similar and you could spend a day in there looking! We don't have anything like this near us now. We are lucky to find an apple at the grocery store! lol

  13. We're very blessed that we have so many great grocery stores around us. Being Southern, I love our local Winn Dixie because I can find everything there, and they have an aisle of gluten-free products as well as Alabama products. Plus Winn Dixie are "the beef people." They have their own ranches and grow their own beef, and it's the best! We also have a Publix, Whole Foods, The Fresh Market, and Sprouts close to our home!

  14. As soon as I read the title of this post, I hoped it would be Woodmans! A store like this is such a rare find in our rural areas, and I am truly grateful to have one to shop at as well.
    I always have two shopping lists going, one for my regular store, and another for Woodmans :) They do have it all!

  15. Sounds like a huge market to go through! A whole aisle for tea and coffee? Oh my! We don't have a market like that here, and I can see why it would be so much fun for your family to visit. Our biggest excitement in the grocery department is to shop at a Costco that is 50 minutes away, lol. Hope you had a wonderful weekend :)

  16. Sounds a great place - even I can enjoy wandering round a well-stocked store (I know, i should get out more). And it's great that it supports local producers.

  17. Now ... this sounds a wonderful place to shop, and so lovely that it supports the local growers/producers.

    All the best Jan


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